Ted Cruz On Fire! “Slaughters” Chuck Hagel, During Defense Sec. Confirmation Hearings

Chuck Hagel, Ted Cruz
Chuck Hagel, Ted Cruz

Texas junior Senator Ted Cruz “slaughters” far leftist, former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, during Defense Secretary confirmation hearings.

If Mitt Romney had gone after Barack Obama like this, he’d be POTUS today.

Perhaps one day Ted Cruz will be.

This is what we need to see from the GOP!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Anita.


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6 thoughts on “Ted Cruz On Fire! “Slaughters” Chuck Hagel, During Defense Sec. Confirmation Hearings

  1. Chuck Hagel is a spineless coward and organozed Jewry through it’s Shabbas Goy agents like Sen. Cruz and Graham has triumphed again. As a non-chosen person of “god” I have no representation in DC whatsoever. Soon the Republicans will join Obama in legalizing the 20 million illegal Mexicans and they will all become Democratic voters. The result will be a one party state as White Americans will henceforth lack the manpower to put someone in the White House who represents their interests. America and the Republican Party are fading expiring “social constructs”. Watch me take on these silly money grubbing “conservatives”. All they care about is maximizing their 401k’s and tax returns. They don’t give a damn about defending the founding ethnic group of this nation. It’s time to stop following these Republican traitors and give the White Nationalist message a serious hearing: http://www.caucasianpersuasion.com/the-white-roundup/2013/2/3/a-pro-white-message-to-conservatives

  2. What a complete travesty all these Zionist puppets in are goverment including mr Cruz mr hagel picked for a little fun under the sun of Washington completely evil lucifer and his minions will not win any thing but eternal fires in hell very few will make heaven very few care we have no real God loving God fearing politicians none why it politically correct to have God as your point man

  3. Proverbs 29:25
    The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.

    Hagel seems as one with no ability to withstand the views of others when they are wrong.

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