Watcher’s Forum: What Effect Did The Vice Presidential Debate Have On The Election?

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Every week on Monday morning, the Council and invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum with short takes on a major issue of the day. This week’s question: What effect if any do you think last week’s vice presidential debate had on the election?

The Independent Sentinel: None, but it does paint the Obama-Biden ticket as condescending, arrogant and dishonest. They are willing to blame anybody for their failures – Biden threw the CIA under the campaign bus last night.

Some think Biden was setting the stage for a more aggressive Obama. To me, it gave Romney more ammo for the next debate. Ryan looked presidential, but Biden was frighteningly not.

The Razor: Given that far fewer people watched this debate compared to the one four years ago, I’d say very little. While I’ve always thought Biden was a buffoon, especially when I was one of his constituents in Delaware, his antics only confirmed my belief. I kept on waiting for him to shake his fist at Paul Ryan and yell, “Damn kids! Get off my lawn!” It did raise my opinion of Paul Ryan though. I’d really like to see him in the Oval Office someday.

JoshuaPundit: To answer the question directly, yes, but a very subtle one that could turn out to be bigger than thought.

Both men entered the arena with a certain task in mind. Chuckles the Clown’s main task was to re-energize the Democrat’s far left base. Paul Ryan’s main task was to present himself is such a way as to destroy the ‘pushing granny off the cliff’ caricature of him the Obama Campaign has spent millions pushing.

Both men achieved what they set out to do. However, Biden achieved a few other things as well.

Those whom watched the debate saw someone a heartbeat away from the presidency acting in such a bizarre, over the top manner that I guarantee it turned off independents and ‘soft’ Obama supporters and made many of them think twice about whom they were voting for. It’s anecdotal, but the majority of women I spoke to or whose responses I read about were particularly affected, and in close battleground states that could make a difference.

Another thing Biden achieved was to stick his foot in his mouth over Benghazi and claim the White House never received any intel from State on Benghazi. This alienated the Clintons when the White House had to cover for Biden and the president and openly blame the State Department Mrs. Clinton runs for the fiasco.

The Clintons are reportedly furious because tying Benghazi to Mrs. Clinton affects her chances for running in 2016. After President Obama tossed Hillary Clinton under the bus in this fashion, I doubt Mr. Bill is planning on doing any more major campaigning for the president. Again, a subtle effect, but one that might mean something in a close race with an election only a few weeks away.

The Noisy Room: I think it will have a minimal effect on the election. Having said that, it did highlight the crass, political tactics of the left and for those who fact check, it shows a profound penchant for lying. It highlighted the bias of the media as well in favor of the Democrats and the left’s Progressive agenda.

I believe last night’s debate will drive women away from the Democrat camp and toward Romney’s side. What was showcased was a blatant rudeness, a gleeful disconnection — bordering on psycho-something-or-other — with the constant inappropriate laughter, the gesticulation and the endless smarmy interruptions. Those whose personal emphasis lies more with style and “character,” as opposed to the “political wonk” crowd, will be turned off by Biden’s conduct. Ryan scored a major win with Independents and they will visibly swing towards the Romney camp now.

Biden was a brazen ass. For the women in the audience, they will have seen a young, polished, respectful and well spoken man facing a boorish, bombastic, even desperate has-been who couldn’t compete on actual facts and on the record. Biden was therefore compelled to just be nasty and condescending, liberally using smirking and eye rolling gestures to make up for lack of substance. Anyone who, until now, had been favorably inclined toward “Uncle Joe” will have seen him replaced by the crazy uncle you avoid inviting to family functions because he’s simply an embarrassment a minute. To summarize, I think the debate simply added to the Romney momentum, regardless of how the left spins it.

Bookworm Room: I do not believe that the Vice-Presidential debate will change minds amongst the diehards on one side or the other. However, I do think that, amongst independents, Biden’s brazen attempt to use buffoonery and bullying to avoid providing any substantive answers will backfire amongst independents and true undecideds. Lastly, I think a lot of women were turned off by the fact that Biden represented the worst kind of old fashioned male verbal bullies. I’m no shrinking violet, but I’ve certainly been on the receiving end of men like that, and I don’t like it.

Well, there you have it.

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