Artur Davis: Making the Case for Conservatism

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In a moving speech to the recent Accuracy in Media conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” former congressman and Federal prosecutor Artur Davis had high praise for former President Ronald Reagan, saying that “Reagan took liberty and freedom, which are very imaginative concepts, and he gave them a power they had never had before.”

Davis is a four-term member of the House of Representatives from Alabama, where he represented the 7th District as a Democrat from 2003-2010. He was viewed as a rising star in the House, and named in 2008 by Esquire magazine as one of the “Ten Best Congressmen in America.” He was the first congressman to endorse Barack Obama for president, and even seconded his nomination in 2008. But he has since switched to the Republican Party, and even spoke at their convention in August. Davis is now a columnist and commentator across a wide media spectrum: He contributes to Politico and National Review, among others. He is a Current Fellow at Harvard’s prestigious Institute of Politics, and is an attorney in Washington, D.C.

Speaking of the media, Davis said, “They don’t matter as much as they used to matter. That’s just the reality. Think about it: The New York Times—their own ombudsman says that their liberalism permeates their newsroom. Their own ombudsman says that they treat the liberal agenda as a cause to be nurtured instead of something to be inspected or analyzed. Their own ombudsman said that.”

Artur Davis is a powerful voice for the cause and principles of conservatism.

You can watch his interview at the conference where he talked about media bias:

You can watch his full speech below, or watch it with a transcript here:


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