The Marxist-Leninist Roots of Arab “Resistance”

It is a major theme of this blog, that much of what most commentators call Arab nationalism, Jihad, radical Islam or Islamic terrorism, is  actually disguised Marxism-Leninism.

Note this cover from a 1972 book on the “Palestinian Resistance” by French terrorism expert Gerard Chaliand.

Look closely at the book the Palestinian soldier is reading. Is that a picture of Mohammed, or of …..?

This is not the Koran he is reading. Almost certainly the Thoughts of Chairman Mao.


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3 thoughts on “The Marxist-Leninist Roots of Arab “Resistance”

  1. How about Persia being sympathetic to hitler during WWII and changing it’s name to Iran as a form of Aryan? And according to the movie god in china, a mosque was the first religious building built in china after the communist revolution built two years after the start! True Catholics still have to worship underground there.

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