The Marxist-Leninist Roots of Arab “Resistance”

It is a major theme of this blog, that much of what most commentators call Arab nationalism, Jihad, radical Islam or Islamic terrorism, is  actually disguised Marxism-Leninism.

Note this cover from a 1972 book on the “Palestinian Resistance” by French terrorism expert Gerard Chaliand.

Look closely at the book the Palestinian soldier is reading. Is that a picture of Mohammed, or of …..?

This is not the Koran he is reading. Almost certainly the Thoughts of Chairman Mao.


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3 thoughts on “The Marxist-Leninist Roots of Arab “Resistance”

    1. Indeed, Mao’s little red book; the understandable part for the terrorists as China is one of the few nations where the terrorist and rebels actually won.

      Much to the horror of the lands peasantry and people.

  1. How about Persia being sympathetic to hitler during WWII and changing it’s name to Iran as a form of Aryan? And according to the movie god in china, a mosque was the first religious building built in china after the communist revolution built two years after the start! True Catholics still have to worship underground there.

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