Mitt Romney at D’Evelyn High

I was about 10 feet from Mitt Romney at a huge rally at D’Evelyn Junior/Senior High School, Lakewood Colorado, on Sunday night. He was great. Hit all the right buttons… especially my main issue – restoring America’s military might.


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3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney at D’Evelyn High

  1. Trevor, I was listening today to your phone interview for the campaign to defeat obama KDWN LasVegas. Thank you God for all the energy you have been putting in the effort all over this country to save us from tyranny. Just know you are admired for your strength, truth and bravery.

    Monday I was at a Tea Party Express Rally for Michelle Bachmann in Ham Lake, MN by the North Metro Tea Party Patriots and I requested Jack Rogers to look at your schedule you post to see if he would have you at one of their meetings.

    Bless you and God keep you well.

  2. So Trevor, what say you? How were the crowds, what is your gut telling you? Do you believe the polls are as skewed as I think they are? Can’t wait to see you again in the Garden State….Your other favorite!

    Best to you as always! You’ve been a Godsend to our nation with your dedication and knowledge.

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