3 thoughts on “Glass Bombed in Burnley

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  2. This horrifies me. Seventy-odd years ago I moved to Burnley, got engaged and married, bought my first house and both my children were born there. The people, then, were ordinary, decent, hard-working folk who enjoyed a drink in the local and watched their local football team. So why has it come to this? Who allowed these foreigners to come in and virtually take over? Why did they not listen to the warnings voiced by Enoch Powell who foresaw precisely what it would lead to? I blame socialism – they have this pie-in-the-sky dream of a world order and, in their attempts to bring this about, have totally destroyed Britain – once the land of the free.

    Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
    We were not vigilant and are now paying the price.

    I’m “fortunate” – I emigrated to New Zealand, complete with my wife and two children. We still enjoy some freedoms but Kiwis, too, fail to be vigilant and the same things are going to happen here, as sure as night follows day.

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