4 thoughts on “Chinese navy holds drills as protests against Japan intensify

  1. So now that the Chinese economy has cooled and contracted, the CCP leadership is feeling the pressure grow by the day. Look for them to use military adventurism to get the people supporting their party against an ancient enemy over a matter they have engineered.

    Look back to the causes of the Falkland War, especially in the nation of Argentina and see history, in part, repeating itself.

  2. All I can say is, if China has great anomosity toward Japan for what their soldiers did to their children back in WWll,

    just think how Japan must still feel about the United States after they dropped two Adam bombs on their cities, killing thousands of innocent people.

    1. You’re not really serious are you B.Hill? Seriously you know your history and you;re taking the micky aren’t you?

  3. Japan’s chickens have come home to roost. What the Japanese did to the Chinese during WW II is not forgotten. Japan refuses to even acknowledge these atrocities much less pay reparations.

    Former Japanes soldiers have testified to playing games throwing Chinese babies up in the air and spearing them with bayonets, holding contests to see who got the most.

    In Unit 731 they held medical experiments on Chinese people, infecting them with plague virus and then performing live vivisections on them to track the stages of development.

    General Shiro Ishii, camp Commandant, was never even charged with war crimes, which made Germany’s doctor of death, Joseph Mengele’s experiments pale in comparison. Ishii is enshrined in a monument in Tokyo as a national hero.

    I haven’t even mentioned what the Japanese did to the Koreans.

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