Barack Obama: National Security Disaster

Barack Obama, selling out American military superiority to then Russian president Medvedev

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, explains the real problem with Obama – he is a national security disaster.

More than that Obama is an international security disaster. If Obama gets four more years he will destroy America’s ability, not only to defend its allies, but to even defend the homeland. His apparent preference for Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran and Islam, over America’s traditional allies is already causing massive concern around the globe.

Mr Obama is America’s first Anti-American president. Given four more years, Obama will likely cause World War 3, and/or the death and enslavement of billions. This is way beyond serious.


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5 thoughts on “Barack Obama: National Security Disaster

  1. Honestly, why would anyone expect differently from this socialist thug? When Congress has refused to impeach him for his extra-constitutional grab for power, or his malfeasance in office, or his undeclared wars, or his outright grab of private industry and violation of all precedence in bankruptcy laws, or come to that his credentials as “natural born” citizen? The tyrant has risen and all of us are unsafe. He is endangering the entire world since a world in flames suits him and his beard.

  2. We’ve known that Barack Obama is a national security disaster for some time. But Congress is ok with him, right? Surely, if there was a serious concern, they would do something about him. Wouldn’t they?

    Yes, I know there are Judiciary Committee hearings starting tomorrow on his over-reach in the Executive Branch. A little late, don’t you think?

  3. I am German by birth and American by choice. We have seen it all before in 1933 and with former East Germany. Democrates are the new Communist Party. Americans are so stupid, they don’t get it.
    Germany now has an Army incapable of defending the Country. Russia will dominate with China and will march into America and other countries. Obama already has joint Russian Military Excercise in this Country. Believe it or not, when you wake up American it’s too late. You will be subject to them no more freedom. The UN will support Idiots like 3rd World African Dictators. America your Constitution is already destroyed. Obama does NOT respect any of it. He will do what is in the Communist Manifesto. I am angry how Obama treats the Moslem threads presently emerging in Lybia and Egypt. Doing nothing! Giving Billions to them just to throw Israel under the bus. Cater time is back only this times they killed an Embassy worker just to start with. How long American will you LOVE Obama???? Think about it and make your choice: Communism or freedom. The choice is yours.

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