Ava Aston “We The People”

New York based singer Ava Aston wears her love for her country on her sleeve. I love this song.


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4 thoughts on “Ava Aston “We The People”

  1. It may be a great song but I will never know…
    I consider all songs horrible when the music overwhelms the vocal and this is one of those songs.
    Whenever there is a vocal it should be distinct and clear while any music accompanyment should compliment the song…in the background, else why even write the words…
    Oh, We the people was loud and clear but what about the resst of the song.
    Sorry to be the grouch in this but I do appreciate a good song when it’s done properly.

    1. Maybe you need a hearing aide
      You are the 1st person I have heard say they can’t hear the voice
      Her voice is crystal clear!!!

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