6 thoughts on “‘You Can Call it Communism, Progressivism, Socialism, Marxism, or Statism’: Rep. West Defends His ‘80 Communists in the House’ Claim

  1. BTW: Perhaps the “Director of Defense” Dept. would be a great slot for Col.West, especially since he HAS the experience-unlike Panetta.

  2. Col. West needs to continue on his path defending freedom. He tells it like it is and is a brave and honorable man. He clearly loves his country and has his priorities straight.
    Please keep up the good work!!

  3. The young man (Aaron) who naively claimed that Col. Wests assertion was somehow baseless and over the top rhetoric is obviously a product of Government schools.

    Col. West is absolutely 100% correct calling attention to the enemies within our own Government who are card carrying Communists, Socialist and statists who market themselves as “Progressives” all of whom are members of the Democrat Party.

    A “Progressive” after all is just a Communist dressed up as a Democrat for public consumption.

    1. Excellent post, and I would hope that Col. West, who is a REAL Patriot, would definitely name names. He should also be one who
      Romney considers for the V.P. slot, or perhaps another high position. This man could teach a New Administration what it means
      to actually love your country, fight for it, and hold it in high regard. Nothing like the present crooked regime or Commies, Treasonists, Terrorists, Radicals, Muslim/Marxists who want to actually ‘bring America down to her knees, and to her demise.

    2. Rep West is absolutely correct. There are some small but great books you can read to clear your thinking. One is Our Enemy The State, by Albert Jay Nock. Another is The Law, by Frederic Bastiat. You can get the latter from the Foundation for Economic Education; the former from Fox & Wilkes, 938 Howard St Suite 202 San Francisco CA 94103. BO is himself another commie/Statist.

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