3 thoughts on “AFL-CIO Attacks Romney

  1. I’m so sick of the nastiness of the attack ads on Romney. But what else would expect from AFL-CLO. We already know where they stand. Most offensive are the recent attacks using Ann Romney and her horse!!!!! I applaud anyone and especially Ms. Romney for having the courage to keep riding in spite of her MS. The left wing media is a hateful vile bunch of fools. I hope Ms Romney and her horse the kick the daylights out of the stupid fool that wrote that nasty little story. Unfortunately, Ann Romney and her horse have too much class to ever retaliate in that fashion. It’s time to restore some dignity and class back in the White House. I couldn’t care less how much money the Romney’s have here or abroad. Any fool with that much money would have the sense to diversify and protect their investments. Gee, does the US government have any investments in any countries. Does anyone really think Warren Buffet has all of his money in the US?
    Okay, I’m done venting.

  2. This is not the Union that the WW II vets made strong. It has been taken over by the Communist Party USA. Those Vets are long gone & it would sicken them to see what has become of their sacrifices. Tony Boyle died in prison for slaughtering his opponent & his family, Hoffa got what he deserved for letting the mafia cheat all the Teamsters & idiot Trumka is still kissing the muslim-communist, in the oval office, where the sun don’t shine while that mental midget is sticking it to the coal miners !!!!!

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