2 thoughts on “Black Panther Protege Addresses Occupy Portland

  1. To a mush brain that can’t think for himself that would sound pretty good. I wonder if he really believed what he was saying about love. To me he just sounded arrogant and ignorant. It is really sad people believe in socialism, very sad.

  2. Oh, sure it is…

    But God says love is patient, love is kind, love in long suffering…it does not get provoked, love doesn’t take into an account a wrong suffered. Love does not seek it’s own (agenda), Love bears all things, and rejoices with the truth, Love does not rejoice in unrighteousness.

    So, I guess everyone has a choice…to love the way God loves or the way unregenerate man loves.

    This Black Panther representative speaks the lies of the devil.

    Now, you chose…I have!!

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