13 thoughts on “Ann Barnhardt – “Mitt Romney Go Home”

  1. I want a person that runs on principles and doesn’t change his mind based on political gain. Yeah, people can change their minds, but someone at his age should be very grounded in his principles by now!

  2. Former Democrat: Please get your stories straight. Read Newt’s daughters explanation of Newt’s divorcing his first wife. I agree no one is perfect but the many lies that appear in blogs and in our reprehensible MSM (the Obama PR firm) is unconscionable. There doesn’t seem to be much decency left. Smears are never completely erased – they stay with the person that is denigrated.

  3. Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever changed your mind? Well, if you haven’t, then your one in a billion.

    So Mitt has changed his mind… big deal… so have you if you admit it.

    Would you rather have the lying Gingrich, the criminal Gingrich, the Gingrich who left a wife with cancer for another woman?

    Are you a Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, or an atheist, or Jehovah Witness? If so, then lay off the guy due to his religion! Big deal that his religion was started by a guy who wanted more than one wife… do you see Mitt with 4 wives?

    Do you believe in Jesus Christ?… well SO DOES MITT.

    Do you give 10% of your “untaxed” wages to your church? … well MITT DOES. He has given millions of his money… how about Gingrich?

    Would you stand by your husband/wife, and love them, if they developed a serious disease that would affect the rest of their lives? Well, MITT HAS! His wife has MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. He didn’t leave his wife, like Gingrich did when she had cancer.

    If it comes down between Gingrich and Romney, my choice is Romney. Gingrich has flip flopped MORE, and I consider the arse wipe a criminal. Mitt is no criminal. So would you honestly elect a criminal versus someone who’s religion bothers you? If so, you need to do some soul searching.

    Don’t be so hard on him. He believes just as Christians do, is a multi-million from DOING HARD WORD, and loves his family more than most people I know. Give the guy a little bit of credit will you please!

  4. She is absolutely right; Romney is a scumbag RINO. People in Massachusetts are disgusted with his two faced behavior
    DR Paul in 2012!

    1. Actually if you were interested in the truth, the LDS church leadership has always said the “whitehorse” claim is BUNK.

  5. Get the hell out Willaird,,, we don’t need you and the Mormon Church to “come to the rescue of the constitution” and then Mormons say Joseph Smiths White Horse prophecy was fulfilled. GET OUT!!!

  6. Isn’t this the lady that closed her brokerage firm?

    Anyhow, I still can’t understand why Glenn Beck would even consider this guy.

    1. Glenn Beck doesn’t support Mitt or Newt. He has formally announced his support for Bachmann since she is the truly conservative candidate. Unfortunately, Bachmann isn’t getting any traction with the media elites and the indoctrinated masses.

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