4 thoughts on “Russia Today Interviews Richard Perle

  1. Perle is a plant. Russia is behind all of this yet he decides to do an interview with their man propaganda arm. We all know that N Korea is to China as Iran is to Russia yet we go through the same song and dance. Why didn’t Perle through back that Russia is supplying Iran with nuclear capabilities and had armed Iraq.

    Americans wake up…..

  2. Do some homework on Richard Perle this guy just like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are all war crimminals, the only reason the US went into Iraq like every other country that they invade is simply following their masters orders from Israel(Rothschild family)!
    Do some homework on how Saddam Hussein wanted them to pay for their oil in Euros, just like Gaddafi wanted them to pay for oil in Gold Dinars!
    Expatriate Richard Perle
    Richard Perle Denies Iraq Role and War Crimes Charges

  3. Perle, as usual, was articulate and persuasive. I didn’t support the way that Iraq was executed…we should (and could) have waited for more definitive proor of WMD. Absent that, we should have done the whole thing differently. Remember, Turkey renegged on letting the 4th Infantry Division use it’s territory, making the invasion successful but the occupation much more problematic. As Perle said, the non-military part was bungled and resulted in an insurgency that almost cost us everything. I’m with him.

    The interviewer had the same perspective as the MSM…just didn’t hide it as well.

    The awful thing is that Obama is now taking credit for the war’s success without taking credit for contributing to it’s problems. He never once mentioned the fact that he executed Bush’s strategy.

    Now that Obama has made nice to the Muslims, who in the region is our friend? No one? Then with whom do we exert influence? Iraq? Egypt? Turkey? Iran? Libya? Saudi Arabia? Kuwait (wait, I’ll give you Kuwait)? Yemen? Syria? Lenanon?

    There will be an October surprise that Obama will use to bolster his election prospects.

  4. Yup, Russia is an open society where if you disagree with Putin…you end up dead. They may not call it the USSR…but it is by most accounts not a democratically free society.

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