Culture Wars: Revolutionary Rapper “Immortal Technique”

Hip Hop/Rap music has been exploited by the left, as a revolutionary art form, since it first emerged in the 1980s.

One of Hip Hop’s most overtly political exponents is Peruvian born, Harlem raised, rapper Felipe Andres Coronel aka “Immortal Technique.”

Over his career, Immortal Technique has worked with the likes of Mos Def, Chuck D & Public Enemy, KRS-One, Brother Ali, Ill Bill and Pharoahe Monch – you might not know these names, but your kids probably will.

Technique’s latest project, “The Martyr,” boasts a “stellar line-up of collaborations” which includes Dead Prez, Styles P, Vinnie Paz, Joell Ortiz, Mela Machinko and even long time Marxist, Obama friend and adviser, Professor Cornel West.

Check this guy out. Strong language warning.

If enough kids, listen to enough of this stuff, for long enough, what will be the inevitable result?


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