3 thoughts on “The gathering storm

  1. Finally someone gets it. I have been preaching about how the EU and the World Bank are trying to take over America. They will do it by bankrupting Europe and it has already started by getting the Fed. involved in the Greece and Italy bale outs. Pretty soon there will be calls for a one world currency again, like several years ago. We will be so deep in the hole from trying to save Europe that the U.S. will propose the World Bank take over the U.S. monetary system.

    If Obama gets re-elected there will be a World Government with him (The Head Communist Himself) as its head. Our monetary system will be run by the World Bank and our laws will be rewritten by the U.N. The general public won’t know what hit them until it is way to late to do anything about it. There will be no more elections so we won’t be able to undo all that has been done in the name of saving the world from financial ruin.

  2. For an anthiest, he seems to be describing the Bible prophecy in detail. An anonymous European pupet master from the ten common market nations alliance, although ten may not be the correct number, some may collapse, and be absorbed, but prophecy is on target. Then he talks about fundamental change within Europe, and I vaguely recall our president hussein saying “he would hit the ground ready to rule, and that he was going to change the fundamentals of the way America works”. This is getting frightning. Few understand the depths of evil of hussein, because he has his past frozen. We don’t have access to his early writings of how he is going to overthrow America, and redeem the dreams of his father and terrorist grandfather. I am one of them.

  3. He is right except for when he says “wherever you are in the political spectrum” you should agree. The left is delirious about what is happening in Europe and the U.S.
    As the tenets of cultural Marxism happen to be, the only way to Marxism is through collapsing the society as we know it.

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