1 thought on “Arizona Today – Trevor Loudon

  1. All communists, and all globalists, all antifa scum and all of those unpatriotic flag burning and statue and monument vandalising enemies must be identified, rounded up and exterminated! A big Senator Joe McCarthy hunt and trials must carried out to purge the USA and our western countries. Crucify every last one of them, literally!!! I personally will flagellate them first with a Roman Flagellum and hammer in the big nails. Some should be thrown into big newly erected amphitheatres and fed to hungry lions and wild animals, some covered in tar and animal skins, tied to a post and burnt alive and used as street lamps to illuminate the streets at night, especially in Washington DC, Seattle, Chigago, Portland Oregon, San Francisco and Los Angeles. All the Demonicrat sanctuary cities. Bring back effective deterents and suitable Roman punishments for the rats and show all who dare to
    destroy and disrespect our world and our ancestors, all the treasonous treacherous rats, that this is what happens to them!!!

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