4 thoughts on “Rangel: ‘Gridlock’ necessitates that Obama use executive powers

  1. BTW: Rangel insults our intelligence by suggesting that “gridlock” is why Obama will circumvent Congress AGAIN, to push forward his agenda. Isn’t this Exactly What Obama Has Been Doing?-Going around
    Congress AND our Constitution when he acts like Hugo the dictator, who he’d like to be Exactly like? This is an excuse to use his office as his Personal actions, when he in fact, had 800+ days and a Congress that was controlled by Dems, but Did NOT want to pass a budget, so he could wait “until the last minute and panic the Congress into passing ANOTHER stimulus bill-It’s the Alinsky rule that tell one to “cause chaos to push forward your agenda, and before the people know what hits them, it is through”??? Nice Try Rangel-another Dem Liar, with NO integrity.

  2. Stop it Rangel. You know as well as we do that Reid has orders not to bring up any bills and blame it on the Republicans so Obama can do as he pleases. It would be nice if you would just once not take sides and do what is right for the country and not your party.

    1. Rangel is just another “Democrat Thug” who got his wrist slapped
      when HE lied about his rental/mansion properties. This, is what
      Dems do….they lie, they cheat, they blame others, and it is the usual “Rules For Radicals” -Alinskyites like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Rangel that ALL subscribe to these tactics.
      We KNOW that Obama wants to declare ‘Martial Law’ so he can Stay
      in office rather than have the election, so who’s kidding who?
      He instigated the “Arab Spring”, and now he’s doing it, along w/ the rest of the Dem Slugs here, to try to get their votes in the “American Spring”. btw: his pal, Terrorist Bill Ayres & his brother Rick, are “TEACHING THESE “MOOCHERS ON THE MARCH” HOW TO OCCUPY AND GET IN THE FACES OF THE AUTHORITIES”.

      Where is the dimwit Mayor Bloomberg hiding out? Nice to know he has such control over NYC.

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