4 thoughts on “Rubio at The Reagan Library

  1. I think we have way more Marco Rubio’s than you know out there.. I hope so anyway.. but I really think so. As God raised up George Washington long ago to build and fight for this nation, so too, will He raise someone today. I just don’t think we’re going to fall, at least not yet. We are a Blessed nation. From my neck of the woods, I’m seeing a rise in Christianity not a turning away.
    In a weird way, Obama is a blessing in that he gave rise to the TEA party where McCain would not have. I doubt there would be so much interest in government education by the everyday folk as there is today if things just kept going as they were. I also wonder if we would have the conservative candidates running in 2012 that we do/will now, because of Obama’s insane policies. Ron Johnson wouldn’t have run for a senate seat except for the health care passage. He was a businessman. Now he’s the Freshman Congressman that forced Harry Reid’s hand into talking about nothing other than the budget (by unanimous consent rules) and angered his own party (rep) by not informing them of his plans to vote NO on everything else that was brought up. Good things are happening but we need more troops to help the Ron Johnsons..and the Marco Rubios in gov’t. Who’d a thought the country would be talking about cutting spending instead of what to spend money on? Although there is much for us to do, we HAVE the momentum. Now lets KEEP it moving forward and not forget to pray to the One who gave us this all to begin with!

  2. Rubio is a remarkable young man. Wish we had a thousand Rubios teaching in our schools. What a difference THAT would make!

    Grateful that we have him in D.C. — wish we had a House/Senate-full of his ilk.

    (We couldn’t clone him, could we?)

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