Father’s Day – Rafael’s Story


Ted Cruz:

My father was for me, larger than life, and he still is.

He has always been my hero, and I hope that this new video of his story will inspire you. Please watch it here and join me in wishing dads everywhere a happy Father’s Day!

In the video, I introduce my father, Rafael Cruz, and he talks about growing up in Cuba, joining the Cuban Revolution, and his arrest and torture by the Batista government.

My dad shares his story and his profound hope for and belief in American exceptionalism. From an immigrant who could barely speak the language to a son who is a candidate for President of the United States, my father’s story embodies the promise of America!


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1 thought on “Father’s Day – Rafael’s Story

  1. The only thing I find wrong with Ted Cruz is that he is not illegible for the same reason obama is ineligible – their fathers are not US citizens.

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