4 thoughts on “‘I Took My Opportunity’: Explosive, Emotional Debate Between Fox Business’ Charles Payne and Union Leader About Collective vs. Individual Accomplishment

  1. Good grief Charlie Brown! These people want EVERYBODY TO HAVE THE SAME THINGS! What’s wrong with that Charlie Brown?

    “Well”, says Charlie, “They want everyone to have the same things, but some of those people just don’t have the intelligence to do the same thing as those who are better off, so they want you to give them what you have because of their stupidity.”

    “We need to build more nut houses, Lucy.”

    “Sure thing Charlie Brown. We can have those illegals build more nut houses to enclose their friends. Good thinking Charlie Brown.”


    Would you stop making appeals to the media based on the assumption that the media is a moral group with a conscience.

    They’re laughing at us.

    Until you learn that a large part of the media is actually the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party, and regard them as the enemy, they’ll keep getting away with their lies.

    Bring down the lying left wing media, and you will bring down the left.

    Without their media troops they have nothing.

    Its a fruitless and hopeless task asking the media to be “fair” and truthful. They never will be. They are the true and real enemy. They lie without the slightest compunction. They are the left’s vanguard.

  3. WOULD THE MEDIA PLEASE STOP BROADCASTING THE LIE THAT CORPORATIONS AND THE WEALTHY PAY A LOWER TAX RATE THAN THE MIDDLE CLASS????? IT’S NOT TRUE FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE WEALTHIEST. It IS true that some (a fraction of that group) individuals and corporations pay a lower rate — and GE paid $0 (while giving a great deal of money to the Democrats). BUT THAT IS THE EXCEPTION NOT THE RULE.

    I was taught that same garbage while I was in school. I heard it over and over and over again — and believed it.

    But the stats and the facts do NOT support it.


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