“The Donkey Whisperer” Great Political Ad From Texas

Great ad from Texas GOP congressional candidate Roger Williams

Former Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams is running for Congress on a staunchly anti-Obama, anti-government platform. He recently came out with a new video ad called “The Donkey Whisperer” comparing Democrats to donkeys. What’s he got against donkeys i wonder?


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10 thoughts on ““The Donkey Whisperer” Great Political Ad From Texas

  1. Please ask soon to Be Congressman Williams if he has even a distant relative in North Carolina! We could surely use someone with his “donkey sense” here in the Old North State!

  2. Brilliant! Wonder how loud the demo-weiners will cry “foul” about this one, yet will praise Jimmy Haffa-brain for his violence provoking “take the SOB’s out” speech.

  3. Hilarious. Mr. Williams should have ended the clip with, “No Democrats were injured in the making of this video”.

  4. Simply hilarious! I totally get it. These donkeys are so much like liberal Democrats. This is a great ad. I probably won’t see it in California.

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