Calvin Coolidge – A Great President, Plus a Bonus Chicken Story

Calvin Coolidge was one of the great US presidents.

Listen to this Coolidge speech from 1924 and you’ll see why he is so often denigrated by today’s elites.

If every US president were like this man, imagine how much better off we’d all be today.

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PS: This is my favorite Coolidge story. Don’t know if its true, but I hope it is.

The President and Mrs. Coolidge were in separate parties touring a large chicken farm.

Mrs. Coolidge’s entourage happened upon a rooster getting very amorous with a chicken. The first lady was impressed and asked the farmer if this was a once a day event or was the rooster capable of repeat performances. The farmer assured Mrs Coolidge that indeed the rooster could carry out his duties several times daily.

Mrs. Coolidge turned to one of the entourage and said to him “please go and tell THAT to the President!”

When informed by the messenger of the rooster’s prowess, President Coolidge turned to a farmer in his entourage and asked “is this with one chicken or with different chickens?”

The farmer informed President Coolidge that this was indeed all with different chickens – several a day in fact.

President Coolidge turned to the messenger and said “please go and tell THAT to Mrs Coolidge.”


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6 thoughts on “Calvin Coolidge – A Great President, Plus a Bonus Chicken Story

  1. Being of the same demographic, I feel permitted to say that this just sounds like more aging-angry-white-man-speak. Unions get paid too much, but even more outrageous is what CEOs and their boards make. You think that if you own stock you are an owner. The CEOs, their brokers, and their boards think you are a chump. Hate Obamacare? Why don’t you also hate the hospital CEO who makes $3M/year and calls his medical organization a not-for-profit corporation and pays no taxes? Do you really think that board of other CEOs couldn’t find a perfectly competent CEO for $300K/year? It’s called back-scratching, and it’s as anti-capitalism and anti-democracy as any corrupt union.

    Etc., etc.

    People, the answer is not this right-wing claptrap. It’s about finding a blend of not too much government and not too much plutocracy. Adam Smith wrote about “reasonable regulations” in the first treatise on capitalism in the world. The big problem is that there are so few passionate moderates to tell the world to ignore these passionate right-wing loonies and left-wing nut cases.

  2. This is from 1924, and the earliest talkie I’ve ever seen. Hollywood’s first film having a soundtrack wasn’t produced until 1929–what took them so long?

  3. Hilarious story. I bet it’s true.
    Doesn’t sound like Mr. Coolidge was very amorous.
    Too busy saving America maybe?

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