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SEIU’s Lerner Calls for Mass Action to Create “Crisis”

The SEIU’s Stephen Lerner calls for a mass escalation of protests, strikes and civil disobedience to create crisis and revolution. In April, Lerner wrote in…

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Congressional Progressive Caucus Pushes Communist Inspired “Jobs” Scam

The Communist Party USA has been calling for massive government jobs programs for many months now. Their ally in the White House and the Congressional…

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AttackWatch Humor

An article from Karl at which incidentally got picked up by Drudge, and has since been updated several times with more amusing information on…

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Trevor Loudon’s US Schedule – Support Requested

I will be spending much of October and November traveling in the United States – researching, meeting contacts, speaking and promoting my soon to be…

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The Soros Files: How George Soros Undermines America’s Security and Funds the Criminals Lobby

A national conference sponsored by America’s Survival, Inc.(ASI) October 27, 2011, National Press Club – First Amendment Lounge 10 am 4 pm Open to the…

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Communist Leader: “Six Crucial Tasks for the Left and Progressive Community”

Communist Party USA National Chair Sam Webb has laid out six key points he believes  the US left must take up in order to emerge…

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Smug Shot of the Week

Posted on September 18, 2011 by TheTamminator // Hillbuzz By now, anyone with half a brain should realize that our White House is full of…

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JFK’s Widow Blasted Times Over Cuba

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media While most of the media have focused on the Jackie Kennedy tapes as they pertain to such figures as…

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Obama’s Jobs Bill Ends State Sovereignty – Wake Up Governors!!

By: AJ for NoisyRoom Contributor: Toddy Littman Section 376 of Obama’s tax and spend “jobs” bill ends state sovereignty, turns our Republic into a dictatorship…

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Anarchist Theater – Days of Stage

NoisyRoom By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton The Days of Rage non-event came and went Saturday. The overall conclusion was basically a giant meh… Instead of the…

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Socialist Party

Martin Luther King,  Jr. made his famous “I have a dream” speech at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom which took place on…

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It was Harry Reid who Proposed the Committee of Twelve

From Michael Zak at Grand Old Partisan Just over two months from now, six Senators and six Representatives — evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats…

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King, Kennedy and Communism

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media As the official dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Washington, D.C. approaches, liberals in the media…

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New Black Panthers Gird Your Loins, This Is War Against Capitalist Bloodsucker America

NoisyRoom NakedEmperorNews Gird Your Loins, This Is War Against Capitalist Bloodsucker America: New Black Panther President Shabazz Tells Harlem Audience To Fight War Here At…

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Michael Moore Thinks It’s Really Funny The Tea Party is Sinking The GOP

NoisyRoom NakedEmperorNews Tea-tanic: Tea Party Filled With Hate, Rage and Racism… Michael Moore Thinks it’s Really Funny the Tea Party Is Sinking the GOP

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