2 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan – State of the Union Address (February 4, 1986)

  1. Former President Reagan was a man of true integrity. His values and principals were given to him by His God Jesus Christ.

    He caused Americans to believe in themselves, to be strong and stand up for what was right and sensible.

    He used no teleprompter because what he said always came from what he believed and straight from his heart.

    We need a man like that again in the White House who will lead Americans back home to those values.

    A man who believes that America’s prosperity and growth is in front of her.

    A man who not only looks to himself but to others, one who helps and can be trusted.

    Oh God, please bring a man back into the forefront.

    Maybe that man is Allen West. He has my vote. Maybe Herman Cain will step up to be his VP…Maybe Michele Bauchman? I trust all three of these people with the future of America.

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