8 thoughts on “The Orange Revolution

  1. George Soros was one of the major motivators and funding sources behind the war against the Serbs. Among other things, he wanted to get his hands on the mineral resources in Kosovo. Thus far, he has failed at that.

    We have had our own Soros revolution in the US: he funded Obama’s rise to power. As with every other dictator that Soros has put into power, Obama has become the fecal version of King Midas.

  2. Soros is a CRIMINAL.. as are all the international BANKSTERS that he works for.. we need to simply ARREST them ALL for treason, sediton and human rights violations..FRAUD, and so many other crimes they commit each and every single DAY

    1. And very other thing they are doing. Wait until people don’t have electricity, food water.
      This isn’t the 1920 or 30’s when people had morals and ethics helping a neighbor.
      Be prepared to defend yourself, family and property.

  3. Well honestly, Soros should be arrested for treasonous activities, brought to trial where he is judged not by his peers, but by a jury of people impoverished by this less than stellar droid of a human-being ethics. Soros learned early on when he ratted out Jews to the Nazis the tricks of the trade on how to screw unsuspecting people and smile.

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