Sarah Palin: “Heck, If We Were Real Terrorists Barack Obama Would Want to Pal Around With Us”


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Palin eviscerates Biden/Obama – good times:

“Well the president’s speech in Arizona as he asked folks to start ratcheting down the rhetoric was all talk. He wasn’t sincere in that. And, that’s typical Barack Obama. Unfortunately that’s typical of our president where its Blah-Blah-Blah. It’s all talk and no real action. In other words otherwise he’d be on Biden and tell Biden to tone it down a little bit… Heck Sean, if we were real domestic terrorists, shoot, President Obama would be wanting to pal around with us. Wouldn’t he? He didn’t have a problem palling around with Bill Ayers back in the days when he kicked off his political career… No if we were real terrorists President Obama wouldn’t have a problem with us.”


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6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: “Heck, If We Were Real Terrorists Barack Obama Would Want to Pal Around With Us”

  1. This was a great observation by Sara Palin. Many continue to turn a blind eye to obamas complete hate for America.

  2. She is a mouthpiece for nothing but hatred and dissension. Sarah Palin’s rhetoric and violence-inciting imagery IS a form of terrorism and a prime example. She held Jared Lee Loughner’s hand while he murdered people with his misguided sensibilities. I was compelled to draw a visual commentary showing her handing him the gun on my artist’s blog at She’ll go to any lengths and keep spewing her insanity for that attention (and the money of course.)

  3. Frank above has a really nice impromptu definition of Liberalism there, one of the best I’ve read in a long time. I tried to come up with one of my own last night for my 83-years-old mom, who watches mainstream TV news programs (including MSNBC every night (and never Fox): “Liberalism is a false religion in which people try to make themselves feel like they’re being very spiritual while they are always thinking ideas that are completely opposite to what the Bible actually teaches.” I could appropriately have added that their “spiritual” thinking also regularly abrogates the US Constitution, but I didn’t. Her response: “Everybody has a right to their own opinion.” My counter-response: “Maybe so. But I don’t think they’ve got a right to monopolize all the air waves with [liberal] propaganda.”
    Rev. Dr. Jim Murk in his 3 volumes of “Islam Rising” insists that their are 4 main antichrist forces in the world today: 1) Marxism, 2) Naziism/Fascism, 3) Islam, and 4) Liberalism. I’m now 100% in agreement with him. I used to think that #4 was “Evolutionism/Humanism,” but “Liberalism” covers it even better. And #2 should be expanded to include “Liberal Fascism.”

  4. Liberals are like burglers caught in our house who are calling the house’s owner racists, radicals, extremists, and hate mongers for saying the burgler doesn’t belong in there and do not have a right to the home owner’s stuff.

    To liberals, a “radical” is someone who opposes their seditious efforts to take over our country, a country that was not founded for them, and does not belong to them.

  5. She’s always right on the money. And should be our next President.
    Hey, Sarah! I’m a tea party terrorist trying to stop the GOVERNMENT from taking away my freedom.
    My Gun?
    The voting booth.

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