Rick Santelli: “We’d be Rated BBB Without the Tea Party”

Rick Santelli, the man who popularized the term “Tea Party” waxes eloquently and passionately on the recent US S&P credit downgrade.

Santelli makes the valid point, that without “Tea Party” pressure on the GOP, the downgrade would probably have been worse.


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2 thoughts on “Rick Santelli: “We’d be Rated BBB Without the Tea Party”

  1. Seems like Rick is the only CNN reporter who refuses to “carry the water” for Obama and his “fellow travelers”. Revenue rises when prosperity rises. Taxes, gov’t borrowing and spending stifle prosperity. It is not rocket science!

  2. YOU DA MAN RickO. You be de diamond on cnbc. Never give up – never give up. And you came out of Illinois??? unbelievable!

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