US Communists Shill for Russia Over Ukraine

Brian Becker
Brian Becker

Two groups have been most actively supporting “there is no such thing as an ex-Chekist,” Vladimir Putin’s naked aggression in the Ukraine.

They are Western communists, who hate the West and still see Russia as a force for socialism and anti-Americanism, and some naive Western “conservatives” like commentator Pat Buchanan and actor Steven Segal, who seem to believe that Comrade Putin is a closet Christian bent on defending Western values and saving Europe from the Islamic hordes. These naifs seem to have no idea that Mr. Putin’s KGB/FSB comrades have long manipulated those Islamic hordes against the West and have attacked our values at every opportunity for more than 90 years.

The communists must be laughing up their sleeves as they dupe self deluding “conservatives” like Buchanan and Segal into cheerleading their own destruction.

Here’s one such Western communist — Brian Becker of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Interviewed on Kremlin propaganda channel RT (formerly Russia Today), Comrade Becker does a splendid job of obscuring the truth and spreading lies and disinformation on Moscow’s behalf.


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13 thoughts on “US Communists Shill for Russia Over Ukraine

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  3. No, actually those of us on the right who are ambivalently supportive of Putin don’t believe he’s a closet Christian. We are quite certain he is an openly practicing, fairly pious, if still sinful, Orthodox Christian.

    Putin is the only Russian head of state, ever, to make a pilgrimage to Mount Athos. He consults and makes confessions to monastic priests fairly regularly. Astute observers, including some monastics known for prophetic gifts, are quite certain of his piety.

    This is not to say that he does not present a serious challenge to the West and that folks here in the U.S. who suffer from pravoslavniphobia (the irrational fear or hatred of Orthodox Christians, esp. Slavic Orthodox Christians) will not see Putin’s Russia as a threat. And to some constituencies in the West — the multiculturalist Eurocrats in Brussels, folks pushing the normalization of homosexuality, or even the American energy industry — Putin’s Russia is a threat.

    Of course, the West (in the guise of NATO and the EU), whether deliberately or through ham-fisted ignorance, have been poking the Russian bear needlessly, from the adventure in Kosovo (which provides the precedent for everything Putin has done in the “near abroad” so that American or EU nattering about ‘international law’ reeks of hypocrisy), to NATO expansion into the former Soviet Union, to fomenting the “color” revolutions in the “near abroad”.

    The point is, some of us feel that the Western constituencies most threatened by Russia ought to be threatened, and indeed, evidently, those of us who uphold traditional Christian culture (whether Eastern or Western) and morals are seen as a threat, too. The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but does tend to be a reliable short-term ally.

      1. Sure he is. Very much so – as all of us may watch live.

        Btw, there was a case showing complexity of the issue:

        “The priest at Oakcrest said that Hanssen had regularly attended a 6:30 am daily mass for more than a decade.[60] Opus Dei member Father C. John McCloskey III said Hanssen also occasionally attended the daily noontime Mass at the Catholic Information Center in downtown Washington, D.C. After going to prison, Hanssen claimed he periodically admitted his espionage to priests in confession. He urged fellow Catholics in the Bureau to attend Mass more often and denounced the Russians as “godless,” even though he was spying for them.[61]”

        1. Yes, Nik, I understand that one can appear to be sincere but be deceiving both oneself and the world. I suppose there’s no way to determine another’s true intentions but to watch and interpret their actions. I don’t know enough about Putin to know what is in his heart. I confess to having had hope when Bush said he saw something pure in him. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

          1. That was a phase in the US global security strategy when such statements (“I looked the man in the eye…”; anyway the rest of the Bush’s famous comment leaves a space for interpretation) could have been reasonable. Now that phase is over.

    1. /Putin is the only Russian head of state, ever, to make a pilgrimage to Mount Athos./

      Gott mit uns (meaning God with us) is a phrase commonly used on armor in the German military from the German Empire to the end of the Third Reich

      /The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but does tend to be a reliable short-term ally./

      Those in 1938 in Munich were of somewhat similar view: they just preferred shame to a war…

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