Communist Leader: The Republicans Must be Defeated!

Jarvis Tyner

In 2008, Communist Party USA executive vice chair Jarvis Tyner criss-crossed the United States drumming up support for his party’s “friend” Barack Obama.

In 2011, Comrade Tyner still loves Obama, but perhaps even more, he hates the Republicans. Boy does he hate the Republicans!

Tyner makes it clear how he regards the GOP when he writes of them picking their next “fuehrer.”

Jarvis Tyner writes in the latest Peoples World:

After watching the recent Republican presidential debate in Iowa, I am sure millions have been convinced more than ever that the Republicans must be defeated in 2012.

This motley crew of right-wing fanatics are not in favor of giving any concessions to the working class, the poor or the victims of systemic racism.

They have no regard for historic levels of poverty, unemployment, home foreclosures, hunger and homelessness that people of color suffer.

They don’t care about the youth and children who attend run-down, understaffed and underfunded public schools every day.

The fact that tens of million of youth who should be going to college or starting their first real job but instead face the prospect of years, decades, perhaps even a lifetime of joblessness, underemployment and incarceration is a non-issue to them.

They didn’t get the memo on global warming and the health care crisis.

The Iowa debate convened the real “death panel,” because if the GOP policies prevail a whole lot of people won’t survive.

In their debate, the war hawks pushed for more war, more squandering of blood and treasure while claiming to support the troops.

With the addition of Rick Perry, the political debate among the Republican contenders has moved even further to the right. The process of picking the next Republican “fuehrer” shows a party whose time has long past.

The GOP candidates oppose the concept of people before profits. As Mitt Romney put it last week, “corporations are people.” Their uncompromising priority is protecting the wealth and privileges of the super rich, which means they are uncompromisingly against the general welfare of the people, particularly multiracial working majority.

They say they’re opposed to big government, but that is a cover up.

By opposing raising taxes on the super rich and cutting the military budget and subsidies to big oil, they oppose jobs for the unemployed, rebuilding the collapsing infrastructure, ending the foreclosure crisis. Theirs is not a noble cause.

The very premise of their policies is a fallacy. If the dominant policies of the current Republican contenders prevail, our nation will be driven into a far deeper crisis economically, socially and politically.

The truth is that the crisis will not be overcome without increasing the wellbeing and buying power of working people. And that is what they are fighting tooth and nail.

The racial dynamic of their policies are something that should alarm all democratic minded people.

It is no accident that the tea party’s largest base is among southern whites, who according to a recent Notre Dame study, continue to be highly influenced by the ideology of racism.

They considered black people inferior before Obama, and they continue to be motivated to defeat Obama because he is African American.

The driving force for progressive activism in the coming 2012 election is not how serious one can criticize Obama’s concessions to the right but the grave historic danger from the right. The Republicans must be defeated.

Having just watched the movie The Help, and as the son of a mother and father who grew up in the Jim Crow South this writer is reminded of what is at stake. If the Republican-Libertarian-tea party Axis thinks we are going back to the days of Jim Crow, they are mistaken.

The extreme right has done enormous damage to the national spirit of unity and hope. And it is true that Obama didn’t fight hard enough and succumbed to the enormous pressure from the right on too many occasions. However, the democratic forces have to take our country back from the fanatic right-wing minority.

One has to be impressed by the new militant spirit of fight back that is gaining momentum across the country. Grassroots folks from people’s and labor organizations are confronting tea party elected officials at their town hall meetings.

Labor is gearing up for the big fight for jobs and decent contracts. The immigrant rights movement is on the move.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus are holding hearings on the issue of jobs creation through public works to repair our neglected infrastructure.

Taxing the rich has become a majority demand. Tens of thousands are lining up at job fairs organized to get corporations to step up and hire the unemployed, veterans and youth.

Peace forces are pushing to bring the troops home and transfer the money to create jobs and stop the massive number of foreclosures.

This is a crusade to put the people first.

Before the announcement of Hurricane Irene on Sunday, tens of thousands were planning to come to Washington to welcome the now postponed opening of the monument to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What are they demanding? Jobs. Jobs. Jobs!!

Despite their correct criticisms of the president, they understand that the main danger comes from the right.

If the GOP regains all three branches of the government, the crisis of human suffering can and will become far more severe.

The majority of the American people understand that the reelection of Obama is not an option. It is part of what is necessary to win this epic battle.

Could comrade Tyner make it any clearer?

The 2012 election is not about Democrats versus Republicans.

It is about almost certain socialism and tyranny versus the hint of a chance of restoring liberty in America.


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22 thoughts on “Communist Leader: The Republicans Must be Defeated!

  1. Let’s address this sentence…….

    The immigrant rights movement is on the move.

    Let us first understand that legal immigration and illegal immigration effect our country in two very different ways. Legal immigrants, leave their country of origin, and accept our country as thier new home and nation by accepting American citizenship. They then pay taxes and are entitled to all the luxuries that citizenship offers. Illegal immigrants are those who choose to come to our nation, but do not accept American citizenship. They are not citizens, do not get Social Security numbers, do not pay state and federal taxes, are not lisenced in our States to drive, and the list goes on and on. But, they do recieve state and federal cash aid, food stamps, medical, school funding and tuition, interpreters, and the list goes on and on……without them contributing one red cent to our wonderful Nation. Do “YOU” as an American citizen, recieve the same benefits as illegal immigrants? I am sure that the answer, for most of us, is “NO”. So the immigrants rights movement is surely on the move… the wrong direction. We should stop funding illegal immigrants with all these subsidies and require that they take the legal road to immigration in order to recieve services. If they choose to come to America without the legal process in order, let them fend for themselves, just like the rest of our society does; day in and day out. This would save our Nation billions of dollars each year, take that to the bank and cash it in!!! No more free rides…….who agrees with me?

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  3. I wonder what kind of response we would get if we sent this to our local or nearest democrat congress person?

    Isn’t it nice to have friends in high places.

  4. The simple fact that the communist party backs our idiot president should be enough to let people see him in his true light. I have no idea how anyone in this country could possibly walk up to a voting booth and cast their vote for him. Yet, we still have some pretty stupid people out there wanting to destroy all of us.

  5. Of course the CPUSA wants Republicans defeated. The Democrat Party was created by the communist party in 1924, beginning with the labor union movement, which is what communism IS – “workers of the world-unite”; “dicatorship of the proletariat”; etc.

    Compare the Democrat Party Platform with Ch. 10 of the USSR Constitution and you will see that it is identical, much of it word for word. The Democrat party is an appendage and front organization for the CPUSA. It is the labor union’s political prostitute.

    Google “communist origins of the Democrat Party” and see the union’s complicity in promoting communism’s causes. Never forget that Marxism exists to destroy captalism.

    Of course those subversives who endeavor to overthrow and take over this country regard those who oppose them defending and protecting their birthright and liberty from their treasonous sedition as “extremists”. “Extremism” in defense of life and liberty is a virtue, not a vice. That is how this country started.

    This country was not intended to accomodate every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes along. It was intended only for “Ourselves and our “Posterity”.

    Our Founders were not Marxist socialists. They did not intend a Marxist socialist welfare state for every derelict misfit that stumbles in from out of the swamp. Those people among us are invaders and usurpers of another’s birthright. This country was not founded for them. They don’t belong here. This is not their country. If they wish to live in under the hammer and sickle they should move to Cuba or North Korea where things are done their way.

    Whatever offends communists and/or Democrats should be supported by all patriotic freedom loving Americans.

  6. The term “Democrats”,”Communist Party u.s.a.”, “Socialist Party u.s.a.”, “Liberals”, “Progressives”, “Socialists”, “Marxists”, “Progressive Fascists”, “Democratic Socialists”, A.C.O.R.N. (association of community organizations for reform now) A.F.S.C.M.E. (american federation of state, county and municipal employees) “S.E.I.U. (service employees international union)N.E.A. (national education association) A.F.T. (american federation of teachers), “AFL-CIO”, etc. etc. etc. are all synonymous with “COMMUNISM” and although each has its own peculiarities, they all harbor the same basic tenants of destroying “OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC”
    The elections will be a contest not between Democrats & Republicans, but between “AMERICANS” and the communist collectives and organizations that make up and control the DEMOCRATIC PARTY!
    When you arrive at that voting booth, simply ask yourself, “AM I AN AMERICAN” or am I a communist democrat and vote accordingly!

  7. Long gone are the days in this country (U.S.), when even a union member would be to death a Communist they encountered. God I miss those days.

    Now it’s difficult to near impossible to tell them apart. The Communists have taken over the Unions and the Democrat Party.

  8. Obama is the left’s “fuehrer” he intends to expand Govenment Tyranny if re-elected…with a little help from special interests near and dear to his heart, Trial Lawyers, BIG Labor (Unions), Communist Party, ACORN, Democratic Socialists, GE, China, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood…on an on.

  9. Both of Barack Obama’s alleged parents were leftists, the father whose “Dreams” he inherited was communist, he was mentored in his youth by a communist, he “organized” with and was supported by communists/socialists in Chicago, he has appointed extreme leftists to all manner of government posts, and communists like Castro and Chavez were delighted when he was illegally elected in what was, in effect, a communist coup d’etat.

    Of course Obama is once again strongly supported by the Communist Party USA. He is the world managers’ Chosen One. Their fall-back candidate is Billary Clinton, who is also ineligible because she has already had her limit of two terms as co-presidente.

  10. Yeah all those black people just got the chance to fail at home ownership which they could never afford when the government got them the chance and somehow we all now get blamed for that.

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