The Marxist Plan to Destroys Israel’s Economy: MUST VIEW for All Friends of Freedom

Omar Barghouti

Omar Barghouti is a Columbia University educated Palestinian commentator and “human rights activist.”

He is a founding member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) and the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

The talk (below) was presented on July 1, 2011, at the United States International Socialist Organization‘s Socialism 2011 conference, which was held in Chicago, July 1-4, 2011.

This is the most comprehensive overview of the Marxist strategy to wreck Israel’s economy and bring the country to its knees you are ever likely to see.

Barghouti outlines to the assembled comrades the history of his movement, its tactics, strategies and its growing successes.

It is made very clear, that while liberal help is welcomed, this is basically a long term Marxist program to annihilate the state of Israel. The same tactics which delivered Apartheid South Africa to the South African Communist Party/African National Congress, will be used to turn Israel over to their Islamist and Marxist-Leninist enemies. Only this time it will be faster – note Barghouti’s reference to South African communist, KGB asset and terror master Ronnie Kasrils.

Omar Barghouti is very calm, very well reasoned, very “reasonable,” very evil.


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25 thoughts on “The Marxist Plan to Destroys Israel’s Economy: MUST VIEW for All Friends of Freedom

  1. Ah, the Flotilla and Gaza. The Flotilla was murderously attacked by Israelis — that’s the picture he paints. Yet we know that Israelis who went aboard were violently brutalized by a group that claimed to be peaceful — bringing food and such.

    Gaza. Well, the people put a “govt.” in place that has the demise and destruction of Israel as a major goal. The people of Gaza were lobbing explosives into Israel.

    Israel took in more of the “refugees” than ANY AND ALL of those vast Arab nations. Israel is TINY.


  2. “White Marxism.” Ah. There it is. Racism! What would Marxists do without THAT card to continually play.

  3. He says that the Palestinian state will “NEVER recognize” Israel as a state, as having a right to exist. And he continues that no exclusionary state — be it Christian, Islamic, Jewish — should ever be recognized as a state.

    Well, folks, if you’re not Islamic, try stepping foot in Mecca. Is this not exclusionary?

    If you’re a Christian in China, Egypt, etc., and you are discriminated against — is this, too, not exclusionary?

    Should then the “new” Egypt be isolated, destroyed economically, because they, too, have an apartheid system?


  4. Wait a minute. He just said that Israeli power requires increased militarization in the US — more bases around the world, etc.

    But we’ve been closing bases since the 1960s. We’ve been unilaterally disarming ourselves. We’ve cut program after program since the 1960s — Read “None Dare Call It Treason” for many of the earliest cuts.

    How does that work?

    “Whites” are vilified here for being the most violent in the history of humankind, and he cites the last 150 years as proof. But there’s a whole lot of history prior to 1918. Was Genghis Khan a white European? And, in terms of modern days, Mao murdered how many of his own people?

    Notice, too, how he differentiates between liberals and Marxists. He also co-opts terms that don’t “belong” to Marxists/Socialists. Let me just say this — there has been darned little of equality and liberty in Socialist/Communist countries. The balance of power is different, although here in the US, we do have a ruling elite now — typical of early Marxist countries. Later the intellectuals “disappear,” and the hardline Militarist dictators take over.

    Notice — he says they aren’t finished.

  5. And why all of a sudden, have these guys been pouring out of Colombia and Havard and hit the talk circuits? The same haunts our dear leader is from?

    I suspect that these guys are working on the ‘fad’ movement for students to get their votes back for Obama? I love the new clothing line these guys wear to give the appearance of fitting in with cocktail crowds?? Got the professor style jacket. Got the latest and stylish frames for glasses. And the cute little scarf.

    It’s like watching the beatniks in bars with their poetry. Only this time, the poetry results will get you killed if you don’t like it?

  6. Omar Barghouti is very calm, very well reasoned, very “reasonable,” very evil. He is also very delusional. We will delete our problem very soon and then we will deal with animals like this. We side with Israel and we will stop this idiots. A solemn promise from a very angry American.

  7. How would this gay fruitcake survive when Sharia comes to Liberated Palestine? What happens when this typical EurAbian Dorothy is hounded by Muslim fanatics after his goals are achieved?

    1. That’s part of the mystery to me. And the liberal Jews who fall in line with these fascisti — and the progressive women. What do they think is going to happen? That Islam will suddenly have a change of heart and embrace homosexuality and women with drivers’ licenses and uncovered faces????

      It takes a blind faith in Marxists — who have been, historically, committed to deception and other evil tactics in order to gain power. It takes turning a blind eye to all historical precedent.

      Criminal stupidity. They truly are “useful idiots” to the Movement, aren’t they?

      1. I too never could understand how Marxists, Feminists, Homosexuals, and Islamists could get so cozy with one another, then I realized they all have the same spiritual father, i.e. Satan. That explains it. When evil is waging war against that which is good, evil will join with evil for a divided house can not stand.

        1. Indeed spiritually the Devil himself is the ringleader, and one other matter is this too — which of the groups will be the first to turn upon their “allies” (of convienence) and be the last one standing.

      2. I have often pondered why liberals, especially feminists and homosexuals, are so protective of Islam, when the jihadists will slit their throats first if they get the chance. I have come up with a few reasons. 1.Islam is not Christianity, which they despise so intensely that all they can see in their blind rage against God Himself, is that Islam is not Christianity, so it has to be better. 2. Muslims are mostly people who have dark skin. We all know dark skinned people are oppressed, humble, simple, earth-loving people. Shallow, yes, but PC is a very shallow thought system. 3. They blindly believe in freedom of religion, not wanting to understand (or unable to in some cases) that Islam is much more than a religion. It is a system of total societal and personal control. 3. There is a socialistic component to Islam: mandatory taxes to support the poor, etc… and liberals love big government. Well, Islam is the government where it is practiced widely. 4. Many Muslims are poor people living in poor countries. This automatically makes them better than affluent white people. 4. Islam, being a competitor system to free enterprise and electoral democracy, must be better than evil capitalism. None of this makes much sense to you and I, but it does to a liberal. That is about the closest you will come to understanding this problem.

  8. If someone can find a list of products from Israel, I’ll make the effort to spread the word and buy from there.

    1. I don’t know where you are, but supermarkets in Australia, Coles & Woolworth’s, both have small sections of Israeli imports.

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