Japanese Communism on the Rise – Tokyo to Re-Arm

Japan’s huge Communist Party is on the rise again and stands to become the effective opposition to new conservative Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s attempts to get Japan back onto a sound economic and social footing.


From the Communist Party USA’s People’s World:

International headlines have trumpeted Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s decisive win in Japan’s upper house election July 21. But the election results indicate the potential defeat of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s economic and constitutional agenda. Called “Abenomics” by the Japanese Communist Party, Abe’s plan seeks to make Japan “the most business friendly country in the world” by repealing worker protections and corporate regulations, while reducing corporate taxes and increasing taxes for the general public. In addition, Abe plans to “prime the pump” with nuclear power and a renewed push to build up Japan’s military forces. 

The Japanese Communist Party, by gaining five more seats in the upper house in the July 21 vote, is positioned to become the head of the opposition to Abe. The number one opposition party, Democratic Party of Japan, lost 27 seats, continuing its downward slide in the polls.

Media outlets remarked on the JCP’s “impressive gains.” The party now holds 11 seats in the Upper House, nearly doubling its presence from the pre-election six. It won Upper House seats in three areas it hasn’t held in more than a decade: Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. In June, the JCP won 17 seats in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, catapulting the party to the number three position. The JCP’s newspaper Akahata editorialized, “More and more people have expressed their anxieties and complaints regarding the anti-people policies carried out at both national and local levels” by Abe and the LDP Tokyo governor.

 Abenomics stimulus includes exporting nuclear technology, along with increased military spending.

Abe is seeking to change a technical provision of the Constitution, Article 96, which would make it easier for him to amend Article 9. Article 9 says the “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.” 

Why is Japan intent on re-arming? Well, once it could rely on the US military to protect the country from Russia, China and North Korea.

With Obama at the helm, that guarantee is becoming increasingly untrustworthy. Every other US ally is now in the same predicament. Re-arm, or make your peace with the Evil Axis.

Japan’s communists will of course block Japanese re-armament, because they are more loyal to Russia, China and North Korea, than they are to their own country.

The more Obama cries peace, the closer the planet edges to military holocaust.


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5 thoughts on “Japanese Communism on the Rise – Tokyo to Re-Arm

  1. There are as many social, political and military issues in Asia as there are participants (Asian nations). This is standard procedure for that part of the world. What is not standard operating procedure is that the Orama Administration has no clue as to what to do. The President lacks serious knowledge and experience in that rather complex region of the world. In fact, this region of the world is far more complex than the Middle East.

    Here you have four (4) nuclear powers: 1) China; 2) North Korean; 3) India; and 4) Pakistan. Granted, India and Pakistan are located in South East Asia but they are interwoven with Asia because they border China and there exist serious antagonism among these nations. Furthermore, China has now started to flex its military muscle in a arch that circles from the Korean peninsuela to Vietnam, on the western side of Asia. On the south and southwest (India and Pakistan, respectively) China is armed to the teeth for fear of what she or they might do. We in the West rarely hear about Muslim insurrections in eastern China but it has long nag China. All these factors places Asia on the brink of war or worse. When it comes the USA simply cannot stand by or abandoning Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan as it did South Vietnam in 1975. It sets a bad precedent. The USA will have to get involved for fear that allies may fear abandonment, too.

    Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, and now Kerry, have been clueless in excerting true military power. This is to be distinguished from projecting military might. Nations know we have the military might but we fail to understand and acknowledge we are not willing to use such force. Herein lies the problem. In geopolitics the will to use military might is all important. “Red China” used to call the United States a “Pager Tiger” because they knew the US would resort to true miltary force as it had done in World War II. The reason is due to the fact that China and numerous other nations have their finger on the American pulse. We no longer have the stomach to drop the “bomb” again. Further complicating matters is that this US Administration has unilaterly declared we will not be the first to use nuclear weapons. Translation? Nuclear powers, like Iran and North Korean, are invited to bomb us and we will sustain 20 or 30 millions deaths before we retaliate. This and previous Administrations have self-deceitfully run diplomacy as if they were seeking international approval votes. The political culture of each Administration, including the Reagan Administration, has been to seek love from around the world. They despise being hated or disliked. We want the world to like us or, better, to love us. This is national suicide. These disllusional politicians have and continue to play with Americans’ lives and national security. What poker player would announce his/her hand when playing for high stakes? This is madness.

    The Asian region is critically important to US security for political, economic and military reasons. Strangely enough, several US Administrations have had little to no clue of the history of Asia, their continuing conflicts and how the U.S. has only prolonged these histories but refusing to act decisively. This would never be tolerated in a private corporation. Yet, on a national survive issue we are forced to tolerate incompetence. This, again, is madness!

    The United States has to draw line on the sand. It needs to give Japan a more open hand in rearming, hence, modifying Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution. The United States has to do the same with Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, and extend diplomatic gestures to Malyasia, Vietname, Laos, Cambodia, and Mynamar.

    The U.S. has to creat an Asina-NATO which surrounds China as it did against the former USSR. Many nations would not hestiate to join, if it is pitched correctly and by the right peoople/Administration. Thus far, the Orama Admistration has been running a circus where nations look at this President with wonder and awe, all negative, for they depend on the United States for their economic and military well being.

    The United States has to wake up to the ongoing issues taking place in Asia. Even “allies” in this region have suspicions of their negihbors. It is not business as usual, it is more urgent and critically important to the world. The US State Department is lagging far behind in what needs to be done to create confidence and goodwill toward the United States.

  2. The more chaos and disorder, the more that Obama’s and similiar regimes in the world will use it for their own advantage and continue to push forward their agenda(s).

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