2 thoughts on “The Audacity of Dopes Band brings you “Guns, Guns, Guns!”

  1. Good one, this is comical, and it does hold much truth to it.

    The flotilla I wish to see is simple:

    Terrorists stand on the beach waiting for the ships; they jump for joy as they approach the beach…boats make landfall…ramps come down…marine regiment charges forth howling for blood with rifles blazing…

    No more terrorists…

    Marines come home…

    Marines singing “It was fun, fun, fun, shooting terroists in the sun today…”

    At the terrorist HQ’s:

    Secretary calls to his boss in office – “Hello, yes sir, there is a gentleman here to see you, says his name is Mad Mariner…okay, go in sir…(bang)…(marine steps back outside)…oh well, guess I get a sudden promotion now…”

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