Is the U.S. Being Colonized By Red China?

Great article by Tom DeWeese. My only small complaint is that Tom doesn’t emphasis enough the degree to which Russia and China are working in tandem to bring down the United States.


By: Tom DeWeese
American Policy Center

For the past few decades the Communist regime of China has been driving toward world supremacy, both economically and militarily. The regime’s main target has been, and is, the United States of America. China’s plan to grab power has been clever and unprecedented, seeking victory without firing a shot, reducing its targets to mere frogs in a boiling pot.

Pundits and politicians alike, when excusing their strategic dealings with China, are quick to remind their audiences that today’s China is a “centuries old civilization” rich in tradition and ancient religious discipline. A Confucian civilization that is still upset over wrongdoings during the European colonization period.

Such a view is wrong. The China we are confronted with today is nothing like that pre-nineteenth century nation. Since the reign of Mao Tse-tung began in 1949, Communist China, much to the dismay, torture, and death of its own citizens, has been governed by tyrannical thugs, thirsty to expand their dictatorial regime and unrelenting in their hatred of Western Civilization and the United States.

Militarily, China has literally surrounded the US. Once there was a Monroe Doctrine to forbid any foreign power to exert influence in American’s back yard, meaning South, Central and North America. All nations respected that doctrine as America vigorously imposed it. That is until China played on the growing weakness of American foreign policy, as when Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal and scuttled all American bases in one of the most the strategic locations of American defense. Since then, China has established relationships and bases in several South and Central American nations.

The Chinese are now building the world’s largest and most powerful navy, aggressively challenging US naval passage in international waters; it now claims the entire South China Sea as an internal Chinese lake; and it is building an aggressive space program that will give it the ability to counter US satellite supremacy, resulting in its ability to spy on every location on Earth and counter US military supremacy.

The difference between the Chinese threat today and what turned out to be a hollow challenge to the free world by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, is economics. The genius of the Chinese system is that they are using its growing industrial might to create wealth the Soviets could never have dreamed of possessing. China is using its vast wealth (trillions of dollars) compiled from the glut of Chinese goods sold in American stores, to buy its power. It’s buying American debt and wielding heavy influence on the American economy.

Now, however, that Chinese economic power is taking a bizarre and exceptionally dangerous turn right in local American communities, America, it appears, is on the brink of being colonized, because China is fast becoming the largest land owner in America.

This fact is mostly a result of a program through the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS), called Immigrant Investor Regional Centers. The program is known in Washington-Speak as EB-5 Centers, so called because they represent a fifth category of employment-based immigration. In reality, it’s a foreign investment program pretending to be a jobs program. To qualify through the plan, applicants must invest $1,000,000 in a US business or at least $500,000 if the business is in an area of high unemployment or rural area. That investment must create or preserve 10 full-time American jobs. In exchange, the immigrant will initially gain legal residency and U.S. Green Cards for their entire family. If the enterprise continues and jobs are created, then the applicant can apply for permanent residence.

According to government reports, since it started in 1990, the EB-5 visa program has brought approximately $6.7 billion to the US and has created 95,000 jobs. Entrepreneurs across the nation have set up regional centers for foreign investment to market local EB-5 projects to investors. There are now at least 480 EB-5 regional centers located in all 50 states. California alone has 116 of the centers. Many of these projects are focusing on building housing developments. Others are focusing on buying up dairy farms, cattle ranches, meat packing plants, and other sources of American food supplies. Still more are focused on getting a piece of American energy sources. Some of the centers are state run, others are private investment entities.

Beyond the Green Cards and residency, the immigrants running these projects can also expect government sponsored benefits such as federal and state grants (taxpayer dollars) tax breaks or perhaps no sales taxes on supplies and materials they purchase to put the projects in place. Along with federal agencies, the projects work directly with state and county development corporations for more cooperation and help getting through the regulatory mine fields that ordinary American companies must endure.

EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Centers are promoted as jobs programs and as a way to help financially strapped communities to bring in much needed money. As a result, the projects are growing across the nation with little concern expressed over the impact and end result of such foreign involvement in American communities. Marriot and Hilton hotel chains have successfully worked EB-5 investment deals to build new hotels. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Brothers have used EB-5 investments to fund film projects. Even the new home of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets, Barclay Center, was funded through EB-5 investments.

While the program is open to immigrants from around world, the main interest appears to be from Communist China. According to a report by Michael Snyder (“Chinese Buying Land in US Communities all over America”), in 2012 – 2013, 6,900 visas were issued to Chinese nationals out of a total of 8,567 EB-5 visas issued. In 2014, the number of applicants is 50% higher – again driven by Chinese applicants.

When considering this large influx of Chinese – funded projects, it must be understood that there are no private companies in China that are free to act on their own. China is a Communist regime. Nothing happens there without the express permission and backing of the government. Individuals posing as Chinese corporate leaders are part of that government. They simply wouldn’t have that position if not approved by the government. For the most part they are a front. 43% of all corporate profits in China are produced by companies that the Chinese government controls outright. And all the rest of their companies are subservient to the power of the government and are very careful not to stray. Individual Chinese citizens are not free to invest as they wish or to leave the country by their own decision. It takes a complicated process through the Chinese bureaucracy for that to happen. And that’s why massive Chinese investments in the EB-5 program are cause for alarm. What are they up to?

In San Francisco, CA, China Vanke signed a deal for a $620 million luxury condo project. In Oakland, CA, another Chinese company (Zarsion) signed a deal for $1.5 billion for a development deal. In Irvine, CA a housing development will include some of the nation’s largest developers using Chinese money. In New York City, Zhang Xin, CEO of Soho China joined with Banco Safra Bank of Brazil to buy a piece of the General Motors Building in Midtown. A Chinese developer, Dalian Wanda Group, is planning to build a luxury hotel in Manhattan. In Florida, Chinese investors have put $30 million into the state’s Charter Schools and are intending to invest even more in coming days. 12 Chinese investors have put $16 million into an aquaculture project on 100 acres in Fellsmere, FL. In Virginia, the Chinese bought Smithfield Foods and its 460 large farms and facilities in 26 states, employing tens of thousands of Americans. More recent efforts show the Chinese making major investments in the Detroit auto industry. In Thomasville, Alabama, the Golden Dragon Precise Copper Tube Group is negotiating with city officials to build a new plant. The town is ready to give them a 40-acre site that includes a 50,000 square foot building built by the city – with tax payer money. More such projects are in the works in Idaho, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and literally every state in the Union.

Meanwhile, Americans were recently shocked to witness a near massacre in the Nevada desert as rancher Cliven Bundy stood his ground against an army of government agents from the Bureau of Land Management. He was accused of letting his cattle graze on public lands, endangering the Desert Tortoise, even though cattle and the Desert Tortoise have coexisted on the range for 100 years. But for this excuse the federal government amassed an army? Not so fast. There is much more to the story. It seems a certain U.S. Senator has been involved with EB-5 real estate deals for some time. And that issue has close ties to the Bundy situation.

ENN Energy Group wants to build a 5 billion dollar solar farm in the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone, on which Bundy’s farm is located. Who are the investors for ENN? The Chinese, using the EB-5 program. Who represents ENN in its negotiations? Rory Reid, Harry’s son. This little band has already run 52 other ranchers in the area. Bundy is the last one left. So was the BLM there in force for turtles or as the private enforcement machine of a corrupt Senator seeking to fill his pockets with cash? Senator Reid is the one who said, “This isn’t over yet.” He’s apparently in a position to know.

However, Reid isn’t the only public figure involved in EB-5 schemes. A little research will also reveal an EB-5 deal by Anthony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s brother and former son in law of Barbra Boxer. Also in that deal was Terry McAuliffe, former Clinton advisor and now Governor of Virginia. These two gained EB-5 investments for their car company. And then there is Alejandro Mayorkas, who helped push through the deal for McAuliffe and Rodham and is under investigation for it. Mayorkas is now the number two man at the Department of Homeland Security, aided in getting that position though some questionable maneuvering during his confirmation hearings by none other Senator Harry Reid.

But perhaps the most aggressive Chinese project is moving forward in Sullivan County, New York in the Catskill Mountains. This project is called China City. It will eventually cover over 2,000 acres spread over the towns of Thompson and Mamakating. It will include a Chinese-themed gambling/entertainment complex, hotels, China-related businesses, a high school, a college and 1,000 residences. According to the plan, every province of China will have an office there and the city will be full of symbols of Chinese culture. When finished it would be a $6 billion project, including a $65 million federal grant of tax payer money along with the other incentives such as tax breaks on building supplies and property taxes.

At a recent public meeting, a local citizen asked the China City spokesman if Americans will be allowed to live there. The vague answer was “well, you can visit our amusement park and stay in our hotels.” Is this how Americans are to be treated in their country, in a project paid in part by taxpayer dollars? And exactly what American jobs will be created (as required) in a planned city where no Americans can live? Will the Chinese government send its own workers to do the construction of the city? And what security process will be used to assure such workers are not involved in espionage?

This is a legitimate concern when dealing with the Communist Chinese government. While brilliant in its strategy, it is single minded in its goal – supremacy. The United States has always stood in its way to achieve that supremacy. But the waning American economy and a US government that no longer sees communism as a threat, makes us vulnerable to a power that knows exactly what it seeks.

American communities are so hungry for money that they will ignore almost anything. Red flags should go up when locals are told they can’t live in China City. Why? Is this simply about an investment opportunity, or is China City, and other Chinese investments, actually to be Chinese colonies? Why will it house offices from every China province? Do we know what those offices are to do? Who will man them? Obviously that is not where the 10 permanent American jobs will come from.

It’s important to note that the Canadian government has decided recently to halt its immigrant investor program due to the large number of Chinese applications that were found to be fraught with fraud and corruption and to be of little economic benefit to the country. Meanwhile, the US is expanding such programs to make it much easier for foreign investment and ultimately unfettered foreign espionage. We’re creating special foreign trade zones (FTZ) designed to give special US customs treatment to US companies that go along with the EB-5 projects. That means security will be lacking in the interest of “good relations.”

Yet, it was only a decade ago that US intelligence discovered the Chinese had taken control of both ends of the Panama Canal. Using a shill company called Hutchison Whampoa, which was wholly owned by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, it negotiated a 25 to 50 year lease for the Canal ports. As the United States pulled out of our Panamanian bases and headed home, corrupt Panamanian officials were busy selling former US property to the highest bidders and Columbian drug lords, Russian Mafia and a horde of Chinese “immigrants” filled the void. It was like the bar scene in Star Wars.

Would the Chinese put in missile bases with weapons that could reach the US? As Bill Clinton assured us that everything was just fine, the Chinese were busy negotiating with the Cuban Communist regime and several other South American countries to create a Chinese presence in the entire region surrounding the Panama Canal. They now considered it their territory for the taking.

Is this now what faces American cities where EB-5 investment programs are being imposed with Chinese Communist money? As a new assault by hordes of Chinese “immigrants” legally invade our nation, filling housing developments and building their own cities, our culture will be affected. Even our system of government could change in areas where Chinese populations begin to grow and perhaps even outnumber Americans. All from an enemy we let through the front door in a government program, based more on greed than American interests.

Like the invasion of the body snatchers, it appears the Chinese, aided by a compliant American government, have a well-devised strategic plan to literally colonize the once great United States of America – without ever firing a shot.

Special thanks to New York Property Rights activist Lynn Teger for her help in researching this article.


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23 thoughts on “Is the U.S. Being Colonized By Red China?


  2. It’s the only way for the Chinese to get what they are owed by colonizing America.

    After America goes bankrupt and comes knocking at the door to accept payment for worthless money, the USG is going to start paying with BLM land, houses, businesses. Makes sense if you are from China. America is being sold out by the USG.

  3. A lot of claims here that would need a lot more support than they’re given. For instance, it is claimed that “China’s plan to grab power has been clever and unprecedented, seeking victory without firing a shot, reducing its targets to mere frogs in a boiling pot.” Now, one way to interpret this “clever” plan, a plan that involves no overt hostility, is as simply a garden-variety plan for economic development. Every nation, aside from a truly isolationist one (a la North Korea) wishes to build profitable trade with other nations. Why would it be surprising that China also wishes this– and why should this be taken as a sign of some Machiavellian plan for world domination? Certainly there is no evidence of any plan to “colonize” the US, so the answer to the hysterical title of this article is, “No.”

    1. David, I suggest you read this book, written by one of The US’ greatest intelligence experts.

      Now 9 years old and written as his last contribution to his country, the evidence is even more irrefutable, now:

      “And it definitively reveals how China is steadily pursuing a stealthy, systematic strategy to attain geopolitical and economic dominance first in Asia and Eurasia, then possibly globally, within the next twenty [years]. Using recently declassified documents, statements by Russian and Chinese leaders largely overlooked in the Western media, and groundbreaking analysis and investigative work, Menges explains China’s plan thoroughly, exposing:

      China’s methods of economic control.

      China’s secret alliance with Russia and other anti-America nations, including North Korea.

      China’s growing military and nuclear power-over 90 ICBMs, many of them aimed at U.S. cities.

      How China and Russia have been responsible for weaponizing terrorists bent on harming the U.S.

      Damage caused by China’s trade tactics (since 1990, we’ve lost 8 million jobs thanks to China trade surpluses}”

      1. I glanced at it. A few things:
        1. The claims he’s making do not support the wilder claims on display here.
        2. Menges appears to be relying on a lot of speculation. Now, speculation is fine in it’s place–indeed, it’s essential for the growth of knowledge. However, it cannot take the place of clear and careful critical reasoning, which must include carefully considering alternative explanations for the observed phenomena.
        3. Was Menges an expert on China? I gather he’s primarily known as an authority on Latin America. I wonder to what extent we can take him as an authority here. He may get his facts straight, but expertise involves interpreting facts.
        4. The quotes Menges offers from Chinese official sources seem to my inexpert eye to indicate, not a desire for world domination, but a paranoid fear of the outside world. Combine a deep fear that the rest of the world is conspiring against them along with a perfectly universal desire for economic growth and profit, and it seems to my inexpert eye that we have explained what we needed to explain… without resorting to appeals to a desire for world hegemony
        5. On that subject, it’s probably worth noting that virtually everything said here in support of an accusation of a burning CHinese desire for world domination is mirrored very closely in CHinese criticisms of WEstern, particularly US, foreign policy. The Chinese level claims of “world domination” and “hegemony” just as frequently, and back up their claims by pointing to very similar kinds of things. The US has the nuclear capacity to obliterate China many times over, has a massive arsenal in Europe, dealings with nearby nations such as South Korea and Japan, and has worked steadily toward infiltrating Chinese markets, and has demonstrated a clear tendency to overthrow foreign regimes it finds undesirable….are these signs of a US desire to crush or colonize China? Are they right to regard us with the fear they do?

        1. David, no amount of rationalizing can rehabilitate Red China.

          Menges was an expert in intelligence, long before the US leadership was purchased by Chinese and other foreign and domestic lobbyists.

          The evidence is overwhelming.

          Even the sociopaths at the CFR are realizing that rampant economic “free trade” deregulation Globalization with nations that practice extreme economic protections, has serious and culture destroying consequences:

        2. “Are they right to regard us with the fear they do?”

          The CCP was correct to be concerned about the West, until about 1971, when Tricky Dick gave free trade without reciprocity to Red China.

          We used to believe nations had self determination, not the WTO.

          Most US leaders also frowned on a leadership that murdered 70 million people, but that was OK with Nixon.

          For a realistic insight into the Communist Chinese mindset of the 1960s, I would recommend you read “The Violent Man” by A. E. van Vogt.

          van Vogt provides many well known sources for his summation of history, observed behaviors, and his thoughts on Chinese Communism, in particular.

          I see no reason to think the CCP has changed.

          “A Georgetown University team led by Phillip Karber conducted a three-year study to map out China’s complex tunnel system, which stretches 3,000 miles.

          The 2011 report, “Strategic Implications of China’s Underground Great Wall,” concluded that the number of nuclear weapons estimated by U.S. intelligence was incorrect. His team estimated that as many as 3,000 nuclear weapons could be hidden within a vast labyrinth in several locations in China. U.S. intelligence estimates have been reporting consistently that China had, at the most, 300 nuclear warheads in its arsenal.”

  4. Remember China is Country of a Billion people.The Money that they have are a result of American and European investments.Now this money they using it to buy America itself. We also have to know that Asian Economies is Controlled by People who are ethnically Chinese.Is there something behind it all remains to be seen.

  5. USA Unionized Socialist America. Commie in the white House, Whitewashed Pig Pen.
    God have mercy on USa.

  6. This article is very informative in one way, thank you for that, but, sorry to say, severely flawed at the same time, as there can be NO accurate assessment of what the PRC is doing without a proper comprehension of the role of so-called Russia and of the importance of the “special” relationship and the strategic coordination between Moscow and Beijing in their unchanged effort of communist world revolution.

    To speak of “what turned out to be a hollow challenge to the free world by the Soviet Union during the Cold War” is, forgive me, absolute nonsense. – Is it really so difficult for journalists and analysts to take a complete break of at least a week, better two weeks, and do nothing else, meaning NOTHING else, but read Anatoliy Golitsyn’s two books, New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception, reserving enough time at the end for thorough reflection and digestion?

    This is essential! Ever since the late 1950s, the USSR (that is perfectly intact even now) and the PRC have been engaged in a dialectical “scissors strategy” by which they were most audaciously confusing the West, pretending they were at odds with each other. It was this scissors strategy only that enabled Henry Kissinger 40 years ago to seduce President Nixon into opening up to the PRC. There were further phases in the continuing Sino-Soviet “acyclical” movement ahead, most importantly of course the apparent demise of Marxism-Leninism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union in 1989/91, along with the apparent dissolution of Comecon and the Warsaw Pact.

    What we are looking at, if we enable ourselves to see, is a much bigger and much more horrible threat: the WHOLE of the “once”-communist bloc, meaning Moscow and Beijing, along with their allies around the world including their new acquisitions during the passed twenty years, is most concertedly acting out a JOINT strategy towards throwing the entire once-free world into nothing less than WORLD OCTOBER!

    A regular look at profound strategic analyst J.R. Nyquist’s articles, that he publishes every Monday on his website, may be helpful.

    1. Contemplatix raises a very valid point regarding the “Sino-Soviet split.” Western policymakers, businessmen, intelligence communities (with the exception of former CIA CIC Chief James J Angleton & STaff) and academics vastly oversstated the so-called split. See my published paper on

      1. Russia has a military alliance with China. Never heard of?..
        E.g. on striking the US carrier groups in the Pacific.

        1. My paper chronicles the Sino-Soviet/Russian military, political, diplomatic, and party-to-party alliances after 1960. The covert alliance between Beijing and Moscow is very real and has been swept under the rug by every President since the 1960s. Nixon and Kissinger hammered the nail in the coffin of questioning the validity of the “Sino-Soviet split” when CIA Director Helms told James Angleton that acceptance of the “split” was national policy.

          1. /acceptance of the “split” was national policy/ – why (what for), if one may ask? what has it brought up in terms of strategy – as long as we can see now?..

    1. The dirty little secret is how “Republican, “Conservative,” and “Tea Party”-supporting Governors in the United States played a huge role in inviting massive amounts of Red Chinese “investment” into the United States. Of course Obama enables this activity, since he feels that China does not pose a mortal threat to the United States. Here are some snippets from notes upcoming manuscript on the role of American big business and their acolytes in subsidizing communist regimes:

      In January 2012, former Governor and possible 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush visited Red China and met with the former Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping. Xi is currently the President of China. The Chinese state-owned news service Xinhua noted that “Bush said that he will continue making contributions to the development of bilateral ties and economic cooperation between the two nations.”

      Chicago billionaire and candidate for Republican Governor in Illinois Bruce Rauner was a Co-Chairman of the Chicago-China Initiative.

      The Chicago-China Initiative was launched in May 2011 by the globalist free trader Mayor Richard Daley. The purpose of the Initiative was to raise “the city’s profile as a center of international commerce, increase tourism from China and establish Chicago as the most ‘China-friendly’ city in the United States.”

      Gov. Scott Walker sought to overturn the law that prohibited the foreign ownership of more than 640 acres of land in Wisconsin. Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie commented that the law conflicted with the GATT/WTO provisions. State Senator Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, commented “That law was originally put in place for ag purposes, but there’s no question that this would allow the Chinese government to buy a big chunk of land in northwest Wisconsin if it wanted to.” Representatives from the state Farmers Union and the Cooperative Network hoped that the law would be abolished.

      An April 2013 press release noted that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker opened the Wisconsin Center in China. This Center would assist Wisconsin businessmen to trade with Red China. Walker noted that “This trade center strengthens our relationship with China and provides Wisconsin businesses the resources and assistance to pursue export opportunities in this growing market. Through the years, Wisconsin has built a strong trade relationship with China, and the opening of the Wisconsin Center China will help Wisconsin businesses continue to strengthen our trade relationships and grow export opportunities.” Companies that benefited from Walker’s push to increase trade wth Red China included Miller Electric, Badger State Ethanol, and Wisconsin-Madison’s Babcock Institute.

      Governor Walker embarked on a trade mission to Red China, where he met officials of the Beijing branch of the Communist Party and Chinese President/General Secretary Xi Jinping. The Communists then hosted a reception for Governor Walker and his delegation comprising 300 Wisconsin businessmen and officials.

      Wisconsin State Senator Dave Hansen noted that “People deserve to know the details behind this mysterious effort to repeal a longstanding law that is in place to preserve the state’s economic sovereignty, especially during a time when foreign countries like China are becoming increasingly aggressive in their attempts to gain economic advantage over the United States…Throughout the mining debate we heard over and over again that Gogebic Mining, which does coal mining and owns the rights to the mineral deposit in northern Wisconsin, has no interest in actually doing the mining themselves, that they would prefer to sell the rights to someone else… Perhaps it’s a coincidence that we now find out about this obscure provision that could allow the mine to be sold to a Chinese-owned corporation. Whatever the answers, people have a right to know who is behind this, who stands to benefit and why this provision is buried in the budget rather than being debated on its own merits.”

      Chinese Communist Party crony capitalists (nicknamed “princelings”) could literally buy US citizenship for $250,000 through the EB-5 visa program.

      The EB-5 visas would be granted to Chinese or other foreign investors who sunk a minimum of $1 million in a business that creates at least 10 full-time jobs for American workers. It appeared that the federal, state, and local governments in the US sought to spur investment by issuing these EB-5 visas.
      Jane Lesko, president of Idaho Eagle Forum, stated that “it appears us that the economic development is a subterfuge for what real is a scam to sell American citizenship via the EB-5 visas. The result will be a foreign invasion that will not benefit Idaho or the citizens of Idaho now or into the future…Idaho Eagle Forum is asking our state legislators to stop the plans for the Communist Chinese to set up businesses or investing in businesses in Idaho. We see this as a national security issue and we are asking you to establish a special investigative committee to look into the legislation that allowed this Trojan Horse system to be established.”

      Idaho Commerce Secretary Don Dietrich noted that “The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States.” In 2005, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) sought to buy out the California-based oil giant Unocal. This was quashed by bi-partisan political outrage. Hoku Materials, Inc., a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned Hoku Corporation, was completing a $400 million plant to make polysilicon for solar panels in Pocatello, Idaho. Idaho also negotiated with the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach). Sinomach sought to win a contract for engineering, procurement, and construction for a $2 billion fertilizer plant for Southeast Idaho Energy. Sinomach also received financing by the Chinese state-owned banking system. Sinomach sought to build a 30,000-acre manufacturing, trade, and technology zone near the Boise airport. In 1997, the Sidewinder Report generated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) noted that “over 200 Canadian companies are under the direct or indirect control of China…the Chinese government is trying to gain influence on Canadian politics by maximizing their presence over some of the country’s economic levers. To that end, they proceed initially to buy and/or legally set up a company in Canada that, once under their control, buys other companies and so on. An effective domino effect ensues that acts like a well-spun web or network at strategic points…These businesses are found in various sectors of the economy, ranging from multinationals to banking, high technology and real estate.” CSIS Director Richard Fadden noted that “clandestine efforts by foreign governments to influence our officials, policies, and communities have the potential to undermine our ability to make independent decisions in Canada’s national interests.” In 1996, agents of the top Chinese communist weapons-making corporations, Norinco and Poly Technologies, were caught smuggling 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s into the United States, the intended recipients being street gangs. According to one Idaho newspaper “Sinomach is not looking only at Idaho. The company sent delegations to Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania this year to talk about setting up research and development bases and industrial parks. It has an interest in electric transmission projects and alternative energy as well. The technology zone proposal follows a model of science, technology and industrial parks in China–often fully contained cities with all services included.” Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert, headed a trade delegation to Beijing and Shanghai in 2011. Governor Herbert noted that he was amazed by the scale of Chinese development and construction and was impressed by the Chinese crony capitalists “embracement of free market principles.”

      1. Florida Governor Rick Scott and Texas Governor Rick Perry also need to be added to this group. Gov. Scott pulled Scott Walker, former President George W. Bush Jr, and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas together in a meeting with Red Chinese billionaire investors on how to basically promote Beijing’s economic Trojan Horse. See:

        Many of these Republicans seem to support collaboration with the Red Chinese (and other enemies) chiefly for two reasons: ideological blindness to free trade globalism and also the power exerted by big business and Wall Street CEOs on candidates in both major parties through the corruption of campaign finance via Citizens United, McCutcheon, and Buckley vs. Vallejo. Groups like the Club for Growth and the US Chamber of Commerce will literally threaten elected Republican Congressmen and Senators with primaries if they stray from the party-line concerning “free” trade with China. In order for these politicians to maintain their political careers, many choose to toe the line concerning issues such as not confrontly China’s economic aggression through currency manipulation, etc.

        Some are also directly recruited by the communists such as the case of Richard Flink, who was recruited by the Soviet KGB via its UN Mission in NY in the late 1950s. He was a law student who was tasked by the Soviets to infiltrate the GOP and promote free trade with the Communists. The KGB also promised to fund his political career in GOP politics in return for influencing the NY State Republican Party in a pro-free trade with the Soviets direction. Fortunately, Mr. Flink was a patriot who informed the FBI of his activities. He later testified before Congress. See:

  7. China working with Russia. The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR bringing us Sharia.

    The very rich and the poor will occupy America. The Middle Class is toast.

    Eventually shots will be fired. People will die in the process. Obama, Hillary, and the Chamber of Commerce will survive.

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