12 thoughts on “Sen. Rubio Challenges President & Senate Democrats On “Cut, Cap & Balance”

  1. Thank God we have a few in congress like him With COMMON SENSE I hope he is on a 2012 presidental ticket!!!!

  2. Obama and the Liberal Democrats need to CUT the CRAP and start to BALANCE the budget. They sicken me with their lies and hypocrisy. How ANYONE can support them absolutely baffles me.

  3. Plain Talk & Common sense. Both very much scarce in Washington these days and so very mauch needed. Kudos to Senator Rubio and more power to him.

  4. Excellent! I’m alone in this room, but I applauded his speech because I appreciated it SO much.

  5. Repubs! please let this guy give the rebuttal to obama from here on out, boehner and the rest of the establishment suck, they are the problem!

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