9 thoughts on “Pat Condell on the Norwegian Mass Murderer

  1. “A Post-American Planet”
    by Mark Steyn – July 30, 2011

    “… If the IMF is correct (a big if), China will be the planet’s No.1 economy by 2016. That means whoever’s elected in November next year will be the last president of the United States to preside over the world’s dominant economic power. As I point out in my rollicking new book, which will be hitting what’s left of the post-Borders bookstore business any day now, this will mark the end of two centuries of Anglophone dominance — first by London, then its greatest if prodigal son. The world’s economic superpower will not only be a Communist dictatorship with a largely peasant population and legal, political, and cultural traditions as alien to its predecessors as possible, but, even more civilizationally startling, it will be, unlike the U.S., Britain, and the Dutch and Italians before them, a country that doesn’t even use the Roman alphabet…” Mark Steyn

    The Tank Man

    Photos of Student Demonstrations – 1989

    My Way – Story of Kai Chen Part 1 of 4

    Chinese Activist Kai Chen Speaks Out on the Gadfly Project

    Kai Chen’s Blog: “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”

    “Before I knew there was a country called America, America had already saved me, because America invented basketball. So I am always grateful to America. My connection to America started with basketball,” Kai Chen

    My Way – Story of Kai Chen – Posted Above – YouTube # 1 @ 17:20

    “…I think then I made an important decision.
    Maybe it was the most important decision in my entire life.
    I think this is a decision many have to face in their own lives.
    I refused, refused, refused to despair.
    Indeed in my foreseeable future there was no hope,
    But I chose to refuse to despair. I refused…” Kai Chen

    YouTube #2 @ 8:30
    “When you entered the realm of true spirituality and morality
    and understood yourself as a moral being with power from above
    you were finally free.” Kai Chen

    Today’s China

    “A Decade of Courage: The Falun Gong Story” – 1999 – 2009

    Part 1 – The Protest That Changed China

    Part 2 – Soul of a Nation

    Part 3 – China’s Hidden Holocaust

    Part 4 – China’s Deadly Harvest

  2. The twisted rational of the so-called “Christian-right-winger”, bombing-mass murder of children- will no doubt be that the dominating Left-wing government and a dominant leftist press in Norway was his cause. If this mass murderer is allowed, he will say the dominating left wing press and government in Norway made him do it. Leftist will instinctively counter – hoping to distract us from grasping a much more important truth still threatening us from the twentieth century.

    In the late 1980s when the tanks of the now defunct USSR were shown on the evening televised news crushing SOLIDARITY – a dock workers union in Poland – the darling of American Left-wing Feminism, Susan Sontag somehow began to stumble out of her Marxist fog. For the first time she saw what Ronald Reagan saw, that the USSR was indeed an “Evil Empire.” Asked to address the New York Town Hall jammed to the rafters with old commies and progressives, Susan Sontag stunned the audience by shouting that she now understood that “Communism IS Fascism! It is its MOST SUCCESSFUL VARIANT!”

    Strip away the ideology of the TWINS OF EVIL laying in wait for us at the back of the circle of humanity and what we see is they are armed to the teeth with exactly the same weapons. And knowing the enemy is what will unite, empower and free us from their terror. I contend these are the bed rock weapons free man and women need to defeat the evil twins of Fascism and Marxism, still ambushing us from the twentieth century.

    1. One thing a lot of people in America fail to remember, those of my generation that gives a perfect example of the intolerance of any communist, marxist, socialist progressive state is the action of Tianaman Square.

      The Chinese government did nothing while Michael Gorbachav was visiting the land; and so many of the talking liberal spin heads were saying of the great reformation coming to that nation.

      Until the night you saw videos and heard on the phones tanks and troops moving in slaughtering an unknown number of people.

      Most of the leaders rounded up among the students and those of the movement were promptly tried in kangaroo courts and then executed.

      Welcome to the future of America under Obama if he gets into power for a second term.

  3. People living in a society that recognizes and protects free speech have an OBLIGATION to be offended. That is what keeps free speech healthy and alive.

    1. That’s pretty good Frank. I’ve never heard it put that way, but that is how it should be and must be.

    2. Indeed, I have come to find out many cases the stories I have grown up with often had much in the way of falsehoods built and woven into them…and the truth when fully revealed was often more of a wonderful story than the legends about them.

  4. If our media had one ounce of courage to tell the truth instead of being paid to repeat the lies of the progressives, they would let Pat Condell speak. Instead, they smear anyone, from Robert Spencer to Geert Wilders, who warns of the jihadis no matter from what country or sect they emanate…. Pakistan, Somalia, Iran…. the US!

    Thank you, Trevor, for continuing to enlighten us with the truth… and with videos like these from Mr. Condell.

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