How Marxofascism is Being Systematically Implemented in American Neighborhoods

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Also called…

  • Smart Growth
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Sustainable Climates
  • Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Sustainable [whatever else]
  • Liveable Cities
  • Resilient Cities
  • Greenhouse Gas Prevention
  • Green [whatever]
  • Biodiversity
  • [Something, Something] Climate Change
  • Triple Bottom Line Finance
  • Communitarianism [more convenient than Marx & Engles’ C-word]
  • Responsible Planning
  • Responsible Redevelopment
  • Effective Environmental Protection
  • Rio Accords
  • New World Order [yes, they use that term]
  • Global Governance [yes, that one too]
  • the list can be longer, but you get the picture

Listen to Rosa Koire, San Francisco liberal, lesbian and civil libertarian, reveal the conspiracy fact and evidence, as we become Gulag America. Her organization is Democrats Against Agenda 21.

If you wish to read about it too, the Agenda 21 tag lists the articles and entries of the Bound.

h/t: Mimi Steel, @912calgal


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10 thoughts on “How Marxofascism is Being Systematically Implemented in American Neighborhoods

  1. Thank you, Trevor, for posting the video of my speech.

    I have been traveling all over the US and am heartened to see how many people are engaged in taking action against UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

    I have just written a book, BEHIND THE GREEN MASK: UN Agenda 21, that is an excellent manual on recognizing Agenda 21 in its many guises and fighting it. It’s available now on our Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 dot com website.

    Awareness is the first step in the Resistance,

    Rosa Koire, ASA
    Executive Director
    Post Sustainability Institute

  2. By what real Authority or Right or Decree does Obama or any President have to change America into his ideological government? What Right does he have to make me live under Marxism? By what Right can he change what is America? He does not have this Right! And why is it no one in authority will stand up and say to him: “you excede what is the Office of the Presidency!”? A President by definition is supposed to “preside” over that which is given to him to preside. He is not given the authority to “change” our structure of Government.

    Why is Obama being given free rein (reign?) to do so? Why has he not been carted off in chains for his despicable intentions and actions? and why hasn’t his spporters likewise been given the boot?

  3. its about time we pulled in the reins on this brown menace. End the highway system, the general community organized hospitals, the medicare and the VA, the giant socilistic public, there is the key word right there works projects. We do not need any goverment spending all out money on this bull. We do not need the roads to travel to other parts of the country. What the hell do we need to go there for in the first place. To heck and gone with the rest of the population, each individual can darn well take care of themselves or have the good grace to die quietly. The fore fathers granted and identified our INDIVIDUAL liberty for god and if you do not believe in our god then go to hell or some where l ike that…

  4. It’s about time americans exposed this marxist president and his group of communist zars.

  5. Now we face the era of the socilist progressives; WE need to take back the nation in the ’12 elections, assuming Obama has not just taken power and given the nation over to the UN completely.

    This madness has to be stopped, and the main obstacles they will face will be the nations and beilefs of:

    USA – freedom, liberty, captialism, Republic.
    Israel – same as the US.

    And believe it or not, even good old Islam will be their advesary, for to the radicals and extremists for that faith, they want to have a world wide Caliphate, and the socialists are the main enemy right after the US and Israel.

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