Bachmann on Debt Talks – Must View!

US presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann in top form. Specifics, specifics, specifics….

From Fox News

After reports surfaced that the president stormed out of the debt talks Wednesday night, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) attributed it to the fact that the president has been used to getting his way in Washington and isn’t accustomed to any sort of push-back.

In reality, Bachmann said it’s the president who is out of step with the American people, as 69 percent of Americans are saying we shouldn’t raise the debt ceiling.

Bachmann called the president’s comments earlier this week that Social Security checks may not go out after August 2 if a deal isn’t reached “irresponsible.” She said that Social Security checks come out of the Social Security trust fund, which wouldn’t be impacted.

Bachmann also addressed news that Moody’s may downgrade the U.S. credit rating, saying, “We won’t get downgraded if we pay the interest on the debt. The president knows that, and Secretary Geithner knows that. We have sufficient money to pay the interest on the debt.”

Goooooo Michele!


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2 thoughts on “Bachmann on Debt Talks – Must View!

  1. Right on the money and glad to hear it.

    Indeed Mr Obama has proven in his handling of the debt talks and the Social Security matter that no regard is given for the people of the land; all he wants is power and control…and having lost the house on his watch, the control is gone…now the power is left, so he and his cronies/czars/radicals will use the power of theft, lies, fear and terror to retain what they have…and if they feel all will be lost…then the power of force.

    Watch from history and learn the pattern of the radicals and of those who use fear when in control and wielding power…

    When control is lost, they resort to power of fear and persuasion.

    When that no longer works, comes the power of intimidation.

    When that fails, then the power of armed force and violence.

    After that, people no longer fear them, for they have nothing left to lose and will resist all the harder against the night.

  2. Once again, Michelle’s right.

    Firstly, storming out of negotiations isn’t exactly going to help your already-rock-bottom credibility any, Mr. President.

    Also, about the President’s comments about Social Security checks. All I have to say to that is: Who’s the real fearmonger now?

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