An Open Letter to All Patriots

By: Benjamin Smith
The Tea Party Tribune

I want to introduce you guys to someone who has changed my life — in crazy ways, great ways and tormenting ways — but all for the better. Her name is Debbie Lee and her son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq on Aug. 2, 2006.

I met Debbie at CPAC last year, listened to the heroic efforts of her son on that fateful day in Iraq and her amazing life story. She also spoke of what she was doing with the Tea Party Express and the present state of our country’s political problems. Needless to say, I was in tears. Seeing the purity in her soul, I immediately offered her my assistance in anything she may ever do or need (and that’s just the way we should be with the families of our fallen).

Since I have met Debbie, I have heard so much about her son and learned from him as if we were swim-buddies. I have also grown to understand and appreciate Debbie’s organization, Debbie’s organization was founded and inspired by her son’s last letter home, before he was killed. This letter is an illustration of war and the nasty people associated with it. In the letter, Marc pleads with us to do ‘random acts of kindness’ and truly take care of each other as Americans. Debbie’s organization is her way of picking up the flag in the wake of her son’s death.

America’s Mighty Warriors is a multifaceted organization aiming to help the families of the fallen in their time of need and grief, by sending care packages to military overseas and by advocating for troops. What some may not realize is, when a person is in the military, the soldier does not have civil rights – he or she has the UCMJ.

Debbie is an amazingly driven and busy woman and she needs help with a bunch of things (I am not telling her that I am writing this…. I know she wouldn’t let me post it).

She runs an all-volunteer staff — and we all know good help is hard to find – and strong volunteers are sometimes even harder to find. She speaks all over the country, many times for free.

I am here today to tell you of her service and dedication to the cause of our troops. She is committed to educate people on the importance of military and help civilians understand the sacrifices made by our military every single day.

I ask you to help this noble woman on her quest by helping her and volunteering or giving some money. This woman is amazing and deserves our help.

This week is her birthday and Aug. 2 is the anniversary of her son’s death.

Understandably, this is an emotional time for her and she needs our help. I recommend that you go to the site and listen to her speak and to read her son’s “Glory Letter.”

If it touches you, then consider helping America’s Mighty Warriors with a donation or with volunteering your time.

Debbie has a heart of gold and takes absolutely no money out of AMW herself. All donations go to her charity and to the troops. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for our troops. I have watched her walk up to multiple military men at the airports and buy their lunches or dinners and I’ve seen her hand out ‘thank you’ cards to servicemen and women she didn’t even know. Debbie is a treasure and we need to help support her in all she does because it is good and right.

Debbie accepts donations through her website. Please visit the America’s Mighty Warriors Donation Page to send what you can.

Help me help her please. It would mean a lot.


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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to All Patriots

  1. My heart goes out to Debbie Lee. I am a war veteren too. I picked up on something that we should be more aware of.

    Those in the military do not have “RIGHTS”. They have become “members” under contract. “Members” are only components making up the body of the whole. The “law” operates upon the whole (unit) of which they are a part, it does not apply directly to them, they are no longer “individuals”. Only “indivbiduals” have rights.

    Enlistment is a contract, entered into under oath. The word “code” indicates contract specific performance obligations. Violations of the “code” (contract) is punished under penal clauses in the contract. Rights no longer apply, and are not a defense in breach of contract disputes.

    We are now all parties to contracts with government, applying for privileges and benifts that are not rights. We have accepted contract abligations as conditions of elligibility for these benifts.

    That is where our rights have gone, they haven’t been taken from us, we have exchanged them for privileges. The Law of Contract has replaced the Law of the Land.

  2. In the bayside of Pensacola, Florida is a duplicate memorial of the fallen of Vietnam, as is the wall in Washington DC.

    Once a week in the years I went downtown to do business or have a day off among the wonders of the place, I would always stop by there and look, reading the names, and burning the meaning into my mind.

    Looking back to the city, we see and hear the cries of joy and laughs of happiness in a free land and free city.

    Looking over the waters of Escambia bay, you understand in your heart the number of men and women who have served across those waters to a second part of the world and not come home again to enjoy the same freedoms we take for granted.

    The wall is a reminder of the greatest treasures we have, freedom and liberty – so often taken for granted.

    And a reminder of how often we forget those who paid the ultimate price willingly for us to enjoy that freedom.

    Think upon that fact.

    A single strip of land and shore, just a few feet wide seperates the city and the waters. And between them is the echos of those who have falled, to keep the enemies of our nation away from the land; away from us, and in check over the seas.

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