The Svart New Face of US Socialism

Maria Svart

The U.S.’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, has a new National director – Maria Svart.

At 31 years-old, Brooklyn resident Svart, is probably the youngest National Director in the organization’s nearly 30 year history. She succeeded Frank Llewellyn who announced earlier that year that he was stepping down after ten years.

Maria Svart had been a member of D.S.A. since 2004. She first joined as a member of the University of Chicago Young Democratic Socialists chapter and quickly became active at the national level, serving as the feminist issues coordinator on the Y.D.S. Coordinating Committee and then co-chair for several terms. Her campus activism, through Y.D.S. and other student organizations, focused on “feminist, environmental, immigrant rights, anti-war and labor solidarity work.”

“I grew up in a family that in one generation went from working class to middle class, and our combined experiences inform my political analysis.” Maria said. “My grandparents and parents achieved upward mobility by using the kind of government programs that DSA fights to protect and expand — like the GI Bill and other federal student loans. My immediate and extended family members are in unions (Mineworkers, Firefighters, Postal Workers, Teachers and other public employees) – in fact my grandmother went out on strike for over a year during the Great Depression. My mother is a first generation U.S. citizen with parents who walked across the border from Mexico during the revolution. And, my first protest was in a stroller at an anti-nuke rally in the 1980s, so I understand the importance of grassroots pressure!”

After college, Svart became a campus organizer with the Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group, followed by seven years for the labor movement with the Service Employees International Union and the Committee of Interns and Residents/SEIU Healthcare. At CIR, she “organized resident physicians to speak out in support of Medicaid and funding for safety-net hospitals.”

In recent years, Svart served as chair of the New York City D.S.A. local and was elected to the National Political Committee at the 2009 D.S.A. convention.

On the NPC, Maria has chaired the Program Committee, which has provided materials and guidance that have helped DSA locals and YDS chapters participate in the fight against state and federal budget cuts and to defend the rights of public employees. Throughout involvement in DSA, Maria has stressed the importance of understanding how patriarchy, racism, and other structures of oppression intersect with capitalism; the need to train more activists in the skills necessary to intervene effectively in politics; and the “crucial role of both public and internal socialist education in the building of our movement”


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27 thoughts on “The Svart New Face of US Socialism

  1. The gains of all industrial nations were made by unions and union workers (living wages, 40 hour work weeks, worker safety). I hope she continues to shine the light onto and into the dark recessess of closed and empty minds.

  2. I HOPE SHE FAILS!!! SHE WILL, all you have to do is look at history!

    Socialism is the doctrine that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of whatever it deems to be its own tribal, collective good.
    — Ayn Rand

  3. I think they join this because they give up and want Government to just take care of them … but history shows Government takes care of you in a very harsh way after a while …..

  4. So this very “Svart” woman wants to protect the GI Bill and student loans from “whom”? Nobody is going to take them away. She is fighting a self-created enemy, which is typcial of how communists and marxists (socialists are marxists in training)see the world, a paranoid view if there ever was one.

    In my family, the GI bill was earned with sweat and blood, from my father-in-law who fought his way across the Pacific in WW2 to Iwo Jima, by my father who served in the Chemical Warfare Service making sure that the Japanese didn’t use poison gas against our troops, to my son who was one of the first American soldiers to cross into Iraq on 3/20/03 in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They earned the GI Bill and could have used it anytime they wanted to. Nobody is going to take it away, and we, the conservative supporters of our military personnel, would never let it happen, as opposed to the “socialists” and their liberal clowns who hate the military and are continually trying to do away with it.

    If Svart is going to represent the “working class”, she had better find something else to ‘defend’, or she might actually have to go out and get a real job. Oh the horrors of it!

  5. Hello Fellow Americans, Please Register to Vote. And use
    Wisdom as you Cast your Ballot!

    Years ago President Reagan was Confronted by a communist
    Smuck – “we will take America without firing a Shot”.

    So here we are America about to be faced with the most cata-
    strophic Election in the History of America.

    Soros – another USSR Schmuck – A converted Jew to the HITLER
    Regime – who became Wealthy at a young age posing as a GERMAN – and
    according to GOOGLE – escorted Jews to the GAS CHAMBERS – There is
    still time for you George Schultz-Soros to Repent- Jesus has a Place
    for you in Heaven if you Follow HIM. Please do not give another
    penny of your $$$$$Billions to re-elect obama. May you and obama
    accept Jesus – while HE is available! Time is running Short –


    1. Hello America, Oh for the Freedom Brought to us Through
      Washington, Lincoln, Truman, Reagan, et al.

      Many years ago Reagan was contronted by a USSR Schmuck, and

      The next 4 Years are going to be thse Most Catastrophic in
      the History of AmericA. Lord Jesus, Please make Intervention
      for us Who Love You, and would give up our Lives to Protect
      your TRUTH and the FREEDOM to Worship You. SELAH!

  6. “(my) parents achieved upward mobility ….using the GI Bill and other federal student loans programs.”

    If it were now it would all$$$ be on the backs of the tax payers.

    BUT! American Students in Vermont can take a loan from Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (ASAC) for 8.5%. while the evil J P Morgan Chase charges 3.6%.
    Government loans, must after all, include the cost of the 350 bureaurcrats running the show as well as the 11 member board to dish out the 20 million appropriated by the Vermont taxpayer. The Socialist sure does love the bureaucrats.

    Why don’t they teach in American schools that a socialistic state has never survived in the history of mankind? Or that, when the money runs out which it always does, it’s end is always ugly and involves death…..usually of millions of innocents.

  7. Socialists are criminals masquerading as crusaders for compassion for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. They use “reform” for the purpose of wealth transfer which is a nice phrase for stealing or theft. Just as criminals exert amazing creativity and effort to successfully steal from others, so do socialists weasel their way through the political system and the judiciary to “legally” steal the property and wealth of others.

    Socialists use a plethora of justifications and rationalizations for their theft, but it boils down to envy and greed and a clever criminal process. They’re just too lazy to honestly earn their own money or property and, like a criminal, start and continue down a wayward path that passes a point of no return. The criminal mind is ill and the socialist mind is ill. It cannot tolerate investing its energy and creativity into honest work for an honest gain. There is no cognitive appreciation for the logic of honesty and sustained work.

    If our honest society does not enforce its civilized system of order and law, then it will fall prey to the thuggery of socialist theft that can only be overthrown by revolution. Socialist revolution is a sustained and unopposed crime wave. Freedom revolution opposes tyranny to restore natural order and liberty among the people.

    American society and culture enjoyed a high level of mental health during its long period of work in pursuit of the American Dream. The gradual loss of faith in the American work ethic as a means to personal advancement led its people to focus on their envy of others’ wealth. That focus led to a keener focus on examples of ill-gotten gain which seemed to justify ever-greener envy and ways to beat the system.

    Unfortunately, America’s free market system morphed into a largely oligopolistic system whereby those who succeeded handsomely sought to lock-in their gains and protect themselves, their income and wealth from the free market system. Look at the corruption of lobbyists and politicians in Washington DC. The free market system has been derailed.

    But instead of insisting on the restoration of the free market system and competitive markets, the socialists have taken the industrial giant and inner business circles one step further to the point of stealing income, property and wealth and then locking it in with political infrastructure.


  8. No doubt that Barack Obama will be bringing this witch through the back door of the White House for a visit. I wonder if Bill Ayers will be present when she shows up? Maybe even Georgie Soros, the Nazi, will be there also!

    1. These people are like a booger you get on the end of your finger: No matter how hard you flick it, you can’t get rid of it!! These people are parasites; never worked, never serve in the armed forces (heaven forbid); rarely attend church (That’s for the great unwashed). I’m sick of them!

  9. Svart (rhymes with f*rt) is a classic neo-putz, i.e., totally unable and/or unwilling to forge a life of her own absent a pack of fellow parasites. These are extremely interdependent busy-bodies with far too much free time on their hands. Lord, save us from the “helpful”.

    1. Scott! You are such a smart individual. I am rolling on the floor and my sides HURT from laughing. Yes, SVART does rhyme with f*rt. Your analysis is pure brilliance to this 63-year old Conservative woman. You made my day.

  10. Every time that I read about one of these DSA leaders, they have never been in the work force. How can they think that they’re saving the working class if they have never worked?

    1. I do not…so many other Americans have, and have been allowed to forget. Our own self imposed ignorance is the most scary thing of the story…we allow ourselves to forget our own story of the nation, and so commit the same mistakes over and over again.

  11. Every time I hear people like this with the same old and tired set of excuses and vitreolic garbage that history has shown does not work, makes me glad we still (for now) have free speech and the free expression in the nation.

    Let their own words show the darkness they are; for the light of the son is one of the best disinfectants to be had.

    In the case of communists and so called democratic socialists, which are fairly the same in my book…

    I say this…

    “Hold this GPS…the nukes are on the way…”

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