6 thoughts on “Federal SWAT Breaks Down Innocent Man’s Door

  1. Just remember it takes a .30 caliber, “hard” nose bullet traveling at 2690 fps to penetrate and defeat Class IV Body Armor. They (the jack boot thugs violating their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution [and, thereby, the people’s rights], have a tendency to line up on both sides of the door. Remember this: drywall and exterior materials DO NOT stop “hard” nosed bullets. Aim approx. head high, then around the upper/inner thighs [looking for femoral artery here – fast bleed out].

    They can only take what we let them!

    We surround them.

    There were 14 MILLION deer hunter licenses issued in only a portion of the states in 2010. That’s FOURTEEN MILLION! There are only a total of $14,000. FBI agents. As a matter of fact, if you add up ALL LEO in the U.S. Federal, State and local Police, you still fall way, way short of 14 MILLION!

    Screw these arsehats, I say bring it on whenever they’re ready.

    Let’s roll America!

  2. I maintain the matter could have been solved by simply knocking on the door.

    Looks like we’re going to have to install some kind of home invasion warning system to protect us from the state.

  3. Read again the greivances in the Declaration of Independance. Note referece to Writs of Assistance, alien juridsdiction. These same things are happening again.

    The “federal” government exercises an authority called “admiralty jurisdiction (world law) which is a military commercial authority that does not protect rights; it enforces law.

    This is the same abusive “alein jurisdiction” that our Founders rebelled against and fought a Revolution to expell from the land.

    Our God given rights are protected by the common-law administered by the State governments. Admiralty and common-law are incompatible. A “wall of separation” was erected between the States and the national government. That wall has now been breached by the 14th and 17th Amendments.

    These things are happening because “federal” authority has once again usurped the land. Writs of Assistance were grants of permission the King’s agents wrote for themselves that allowed them unfettered authority to trample on the rights of the colonists. They were upheld by admiralty courts whose only allegiance was to the King, their duty was to enforce his law. Admiralty does not recognize and protect rights. We are right back where we started.

  4. Spot On, folk artist. It actually is a little strange that they didn’t use lethal force and kill someone inside. If you so much as blink in front of the Gestapo these days, they call it a “threatening behavior” and “play it safe” by killing or wounding. Everybody is equal in America, but the police are more equal. I’m a senior now, have seen too much. I live in what I tell everyone is a Nation of Swine. Thought I’d never say it, but I have truly learned to hate my country, and I sorely want OUT of here. I admire the efforts by outfits such as New Zeal and others, but I really no longer believe there is a fix to any of this. We have become a nation of greedy, obese, disgusting, lawless and uncivil ignoramuses. I am ashamed to be an American.

  5. Welcome to the future of America as the radicals and socialists take ever more freedoms and power away from us all; for now you are presumed guilty regardless of innocence or not, and no apologies will ever be forthcoming. The one part that is shocking to me is the fact the fed’s just did not have the team go in with all their guns blazing and level everything in the place…father and kids.

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