3,000,000 Hits!

New Zeal is just about to click over 3,000,000 hits.

A big thank you to all our readers, FaceBoook fans and re-tweeters.

It took five years to get our first million, another year for the second, and only a few months for number three.

This little wee New Zealand based blog, is now ranked well inside the top 100 US political blogs and is regularly picked up by Glenn Beck, the Breitbart network, and countless other US and international media outlets.

Potential advertisers please take note!

Also supporters, please take note of the PayPal button to the right. It is your contributions that pay for the research that keeps New Zeal at the front of the pack.

Thank you all.

Trevor Loudon,

New Zeal


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7 thoughts on “3,000,000 Hits!

  1. Congratulations Trevor! Your information is a breath of fresh air to a County not receiving much honest reporting from “big media”! Keep up the excellent reporting!!

  2. Congratulations Trevor! You deserve this. You have done so much amazing work on exposing the left. I don’t know where we would be without you!

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