Help KeyWiki Expose Connecticut’s Pro-Communist Legislators

Connecticut is a Democrat controlled state, with some communist hotspots, particularly around the New Haven/Yale area.

The Connecticut Communist Party USA is very influential in New Haven and has used its base at the New Haven People’s Center to infiltrate Congress and the state legislature with pro-communist Democrats.

Joelle Fishman, center
Joelle Fishman, center

The local Party leader is Joelle Fishman, a Commissioner on the City of New Haven Peace Commission, an executive board of the Alliance of Retired Americans in Connecticut and Chair of the CPUSA Political Action Commission, the Party body charged with telling covertly sympathetic Democrats which line to follow and which legislation to promote.

Joelle Fishman is married to Art Perlo, son of the late Soviet spy Victor Perlo.

The Party’s most influential friend in the state is long time 3rd District Rep. Rosa DeLauro, one of the most senior Democrats in the US Congress.

DeLauro has communist ties going back more than 20 years. Click on her name/blue link above to get a full rundown on DeLauro’s communist connections.

Rosa DeLauro, Joelle Fishman, New Haven People's Center
Rosa DeLauro, Joelle Fishman, New Haven People’s Center

State Senator Toni Harp is a also an affiliate of the Connecticut Communist Party.

In the State House, Reps Patricia Dillon, Toni Walker and Gary Holder-Winfield, all have well documented ties to the Party.

When local Communist Party icon, peace activist Al Marder, celebrated his 90th birthday in March 2012, all the above mentioned served on the host committee for Grandpa Marder’s festivities.

They were also joined by State Senate majority leader Martin Looney, Deputy Majority Leader, of the Connecticut State House Juan Candelaria, New Haven State Rep. Roland Lemar and President of the New Haven Board of Aldermen Jorge Perez.

New Haven People's Center blog
New Haven People’s Center blog

The Communist Party has New Haven town sewn up and are milking the town for influence and money at every opportunity.

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7 thoughts on “Help KeyWiki Expose Connecticut’s Pro-Communist Legislators

  1. I’m still shocked bycewicz was able to help pull off that election fraud in ’10 and get malloy in as governor – he would have lost if it werent for the artificial ballot shortage created in bridgeport. Its stunning the media didnt give a crap (is it really?) and all the corrupt vote counting and finding of bags of votes were no big deal to people around here. There’s pockets of people with their heads on straight here, but we’re overrun by idiots that think the government has a money tree that it can endlessly pull from. We’ve got just about the highest taxes in the nation here plus the state brings in tons of money from the casinos, and our halfwit government STILL cant keep the mudget balanced, pensions funded, roads paved, criminals out of office.

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