4 thoughts on “Unions vs. Boeing – Yet Another Obama Regime Assault On The Constitution!

  1. that is a good idea to have boeing close every thing in seattle and move every thing to n.c.a right to work state.that way they can tell the communist unions to shove it and screw the peoples republic of washington.

  2. Harry if your mother was ill and on life support you would vote against her machine and the life that keeps her well. I will NEVER vote for another democrat as long as I live. In fact the other side stinks just as mighty, WE ARE SCREWED.. These clowns don’t know the meaning of LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT… how to re elect a do nothing president like Obama? Displaying weak republicans…this hurts they are destroying our country piece by piece, little by little, immoral behavior runs the courts, schools, unions, churches, our TV’s and yes our HOMES..only one candidate can lift us out of this mess @
    Herman Cain for president.

  3. What a disgusting disgrace, Im speechless anyone who wants to re-elect this man hates America no buts, no anything, this is FACT! Birth Certificate, Bin Laden, Oil Drilling, Racism, Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, 1967 borders of Israel what a joke! this man hates us.

  4. Of course the administration would chose to side with the unions who have supported them with funds and bribery; they are among the ‘usefull idiots’ described by Lenin and used by the progressive masters for their own ends, until they turn upon one another over what is left of their nightmare made reality.

    Watch for the next step of Mr Obama declaring the aviation makers a ‘vital national interest’ and federalize them. This is just one more move in the creeping takeover day by day of the admin into the lives of Americas few remaining freedoms.

    Personally Boeing has one more final option availible; close the plants in Seattle down completely, and move the entire business in one fell swoop to their newest production plant.

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