China/South Africa Build Relations: Slowly Strangling What’s Left of the West

Under far left President Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s African National Congress/South African Communist Party led government, has most certainly established itself as part of the growing world wide Axis of Evil.

From the Communist Party of China International Department website:

South Africa, Jan. 9 — The Communist Party of China (CPC) is ready to deepen exchanges and cooperation with South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) to boost the two countries’ comprehensive strategic partnership, a senior Chinese official has said.

Li Yuanchao, a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, led a senior delegation to attend the ANC’s centenary celebration ceremony in the central city of Bloemfontein.

On behalf of the CPC, Li on Sunday conveyed the warmest felicitations and comradely greetings to the ANC centenary.

He positively appraised ANC’s glorious history since its establishment and wishes ANC more success in furthering the national democratic revolution.

Li said that the CPC and ANC have forged a profound traditional friendship and the inter-party friendship has become the political cornerstone for relations between South Africa and China.

ANC President and South African President Jacob Zuma welcomed the CPC delegation’s attendance at his party’s centenary celebrations and appreciated the CPC’s long time support and help to ANC.

He also expressed the willingness to deepen cooperation between the two ruling parties for the benefit of the two peoples.

ANC is Africa’s oldest liberation movement which was formed in 1912 in Bloemfontein.

It has become South Africa’s governing political party, supported by its tripartite alliance with the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party, since the establishment of non-racial democracy in the country in April 1994.

South Africa was always a major target of the international communist movement, controlling as it does, the highly strategic Cape of Good Hope and massive mineral reserves.

One more chess piece in place in the long term strategic strangulation of what’s left of the West.


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8 thoughts on “China/South Africa Build Relations: Slowly Strangling What’s Left of the West

  1. And yet Mandela led South Africa through a pcefeaul transition into a multiracial country in which whites continue to prosper. I guess the boogieman fearmongering by people like Eric Margolis and others paleocons in the 1980s wasn’t worth a warm cup of spit.

  2. Nelson Mandela started the “transformation” of South Africa putting the country solidly on the road to what it is today. And with a lot of support from fellow travelers in countries such as the U.S.A. This should be no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention or who is a student of history. Mandela was always held in high regard in the old Soviet Union and other East Block countries. Many of his admirers and supporters of years past are in Europe and the Western Hemisphere. Old subversives from back in the 1960s and 1970s up to the present still consider Mandela to be some kind of a hero like Che. A lot of them are today in positions of power working hard to “transform” their countries with the likely outcome to be similar to something between Cuba and South Africa. Here’s a link to start learning about the great South African leader, Mandela:

  3. Andrew is a typical Australian ignoramus who knows nothing about Africa. Southern Africa has long been a target of China. I was at school in Southern Africa in the ’70’s and we were taught about China’s long term plan for African colonization.
    Rhodesia fell to Robert Mugabe, a Chinese puppet thanks to Jimmy Carter, and then the rest of Southern Africa followed.
    We all knew this was a commununist takeover, ignorantly aided and abetted by the West, presented as a politically correct black verses white battle – which it was not.
    Southern Africa was a western ally and the stupidity of the west is responsible for what you see in Africa and in the west today.
    Africa was part of the plan of shrinking western civilization, and now the western homelands are directly being threatened.
    Wake up everyone. This isn’t politics as usual and Obama is a Kenyan. It takes an African to know an African. Read between the lines.

  4. Get a grip. China is far far better place to do business than NZ or the US – with much less red tape, regulation, and government interference. So is South Africa!

    The real story you can’t see is that as Europe, the US, UK, Aus & NZ are strangled by governments that claim to be for freedom but are actually unreconstructed leftist communist parties – no (or very little) death penalty, unionization, and vastly expensive welfare, benefit, health, education, super systems – now made even worse by Obamacare, China and South Africa have none of these

    Want to make 10Million in a year? Go to China! Go to South Africa!

    But don’t go to the US, NZ, UK or Europe. The Taxman will have 5 million before you can say “Bonjour” and the welfare bludgers will have the other half before you can say “Au revoir”.

    1. Andrew Brevik – South Africa does not have the death penalty, it is very unionised (look how often they trash the cities, and they are supported by the government because of their alliance with COSATU which keeps them in power), it has a hugely expensive (although barely functional) welfare system, and in addition has the huge cost of running a bloated government that is being plundered by the very people in it.

      Employment law in South Africa makes it not worthwhile employing ‘cheap’ labour and there is a large amount of red tape which is made worse by dysfunctional government departments run by the incompetent and the lazy. Then you have to add the cost of either making very large ‘payments’ to oil the wheels or filling your Board with the new elite who expect the most lavish trappings and contribute zero beyond an indigenous name.

      As in the states to the north, the Chinese have come with their own labour and have offered large amounts of money to greedy politicians who are quite happy to sell off their country’s assets to them without contemplating the future.

      That said, South Africa is a vibrant, although violent country, where one can still do very well and live very well. Just expect to pay tax at every level to make up for the vast majority who don’t – when you add it all up it will be well over 70c in the Rand.

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