4 thoughts on “Oath Keepers Rally to Honor Jose Guerena and Oppose SWAT Searches

  1. Over 70 shots with a woman and child in the house, nothing illegal found. Lets think about this, Arizona, a place with frequend home invasion robberies, a lot of armed home owners and SWAT. That is a recipe for disaster. Law enforcement needs to know when they do a quick knock on a door and then bust it in, they will be met with resistance from any armed home owner. I hope they find these tools in the wrong, guilty, and jailed. A militarized police force is unneeded. God Be with the widow and now fatherless child.

  2. So sad and so unnecessary. God bless his poor young wife and comfort her in her tragic loss.

  3. Why isn’t Eric Holder investigating these cops for violating Jose Guerena’s Civil Rights! A badge does not give a cop the right to commit murder.

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