Support the Most Shocking Political Documentary in US History

The documentary version of Trevor Loudon’s book The Enemies Within:Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress will expose a problem that most American voters have no concept of. The extensive Marxist infiltration of the US Congress.

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As Loudon often states in his speeches around the United States:

So far, a highly skilled film team has been assembled and several interviews have been filmed.

We aim to raise the production costs of $400.000 mainly through private investors, but also with contributions from the public, through the crowdsourcing website Indiegogo.

If you’d like to get The Enemies Within into theaters in 2015, please go here to support this vital project.


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9 thoughts on “Support the Most Shocking Political Documentary in US History

  1. In 1936 the Stalin trained communists by electoral fraud took the government of then still Catholic Spain, and established communist militias, going house to house, arresting people and sometimes without
    conviction nor any regard for justice, murdered them, sometimes even by savagery unspeakable. Spanish Catholics, including the military, under the leadership of Gen. Francisco Franco, who was NOT a Nazi, as the communist propaganda tried to paint him, but honest Catholic officer of the army, by the help of God and blessing of the Pope Pius XI, fought the HOLY CRUSADE against these atheistic monsters the communists. The communists murdered over 350 thousand Catholics just for being Catholic,
    nearly 6 thousand priests, 13 bishops and countless nuns and monks, burned down nearly 20 thousand churches and chapels and so on. But the Catholics won, because God was with them. Then in Eastern Europe, those countries were subverted by electoral fraud, all of them, into the communist tyranny, millions of people were enslaved, many murdered and or sentenced to communist gulags for “re-education”. Catholic Church was attacked, and then the enemies of the Church succeeded in infiltrating
    the Vatican, and the Novus Ordo sect was established, which today, the scandals and perversity of such enemies of the Church, who are not the Catholic Church (all heretics are automatically excommunicated by Canon Law), the Church was driven underground into the catacombs again, so that such warnings about the danger of Communism worldwide could not be given nor believed. But history is not silent. Biden is NOT Catholic, he is an excommunicated sectarian apostate, so is also Pelosi and the rest
    of them, she being a close friend of known communist sympathizers as Vivian Hallinan, Barbara Lee, Ron Dellums and so on. Biden’s giving up of Afghanistan comes as a great gift to Russia and China, both communist countries (no matter what the Russian KGB Kremlin leadership tries to cover up), and Afghanistan had to be returned to the KGB proxy Taliban, so that the strategic region could not be used as US military base of retaliation for what the Russian and Chinese communists cooked up for America and the world…worldwide communist tyranny is at works.

    Biden gave them Afghanistan and weapons left behind, left US citizen behind on purpose, manifest intention is already established here, and he has betrayed America in all fronts, and now such facts are coming out, but this is no surprise, as to call them who they are and to deal with them for their crimes of treason, for that the true justice must be in place, which means proper and lawful authority cannot be lacking…but this is not the case today, and so, only God has the means to help, and he is not helping as this world is mostly godless, heretical, atheistic and so the diabolical scourge of communism is at the door…the time of the Antichrist…

    They cheated because otherwise their communist strategy would never be accepted and executed.

    Soviet strategist Kruychkov wrote in 1950s: “There can NEVER be a peaceful coexistence of ideologies” – and Gorbachov said in 1987, while he was deceiving the world with the fraudulent “collapse” – “There must be NO LET UP in the war against religion, because as long as religion exists, COMMUNISM CANNOT PREVAIL. We must intensify the obliteration of all religions, wherever they are being practiced and taught…”.

    Putin is just the continuation of this diabolical strategy, and Biden and the rest of them, and they are mostly all of them in it, are the useful idiots and ideologically consenting with communism, but the real comrades sit in the Kremlin and Beijing and they will NEVER share their power over the whole world with anybody…

    Someone who lived in the Soviet Bloc communist slavery, this knowledge has been part of the person’s life, and defecting from the Soviet Bloc with all the hardships and persecutions endured even in the freedom loving America, has been one lesson of a lifetime, but the supernatural gift of charity, to help the erring and ignorant, is driving the thought and will, so that silence instead of the truth, is not an option, even at the risk of one’s life…and that, the death treats, from Russian nationals, quote “they should put an AK-47 to your head to put some sense into your brain” are not a small matter to neglect and not reflect…

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