Iran Training “Sleeper” Terrorists in Venezuela?

From Kuwait’s Arab Times

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard is allegedly training a large number of Kuwaitis, Bahrainis and Saudis in a private training camp located in Waheera, a remote area near the borders of Venezuela and Colombia, and intends to use them to carry out terrorist activities within their respective countries and other areas across the world in case Iran is attacked militarily, Al-Seyassah daily quoted a reliable source as saying.

The trainees are first sent to Venezuelan capital Caracas or Colombian capital Bogota via Damascus and from there, they are sent to the border region in cars, one of the militants who broke away from the Iranian group told the daily.

Reportedly, the training camp is run by some Iranian intelligence officers and others affiliated to the Revolutionary Guard in cooperation with Hezbollah and Hamas. The trainees were given courses in making bombs, carrying out assassinations, kidnapping people and transporting the hostages to other locations.

The trainees have been trained to act in case there is a war against Iran. As per the plan, all embassies of Gulf countries, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan in Latin American countries were to be targeted. These bombings, however, will not be carried out by Iranian Shiites, but mercenaries from poorer countries like Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador and Bolivia besides some other supporters from Hamas and other individuals so that Iranian involvement won’t even be suspected.

Of course Hugo Chavez would know nothing of this.


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8 thoughts on “Iran Training “Sleeper” Terrorists in Venezuela?

  1. Like Iraq and with Iran, we wait and wait and talk about it and talk and wait and wait ……….. and we give them ALL this time, to prepare and prepare and even act; so, it becomes more and more difficult eventually to take the action we know we should have taken years ago.

    America is not asleep just in bed with the wrong leaders

  2. One thing most people fail to understand clearly with terrorists is the group supporting them only needs one major success defined as the following:

    A success in which the terror target (of one successful or not in the destruction of a target) changes its cultural ways of doing things, and causes the liberties of the citizens to be reduced, in any means or ways.

    This is the adage of the people being afraid of “the fear of force” being used against them; they cry out for more security, and lose one or more peices of their freedoms.

    The way to counter this is the vigilance of the people (like in the nation of Israel) and to have a free government that is not afraid to deal with the terrorists and any backing governments with the “fear of the application of force” in response…

    This is a policy of “You strike out at us, we shall come back with such force and response that you will face utter destruction from us for such a strike.”

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