This Week’s Watcher’s Forum Question: What Was Your Opinion Of Obama’s Economics Speech Last Week?

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It appears that some of the Council was not overly impressed…

The Razor: My opinion of Obama’s speech? The president made another speech? Seriously? The man won’t shut up. He has confused leadership with speechmaking from the very beginning of his presidency, and while I don’t have the evidence to back it up I believe he has made more speeches than any of his predecessors while doing the least. He believes that words mean something, and they do when they are backed up by action, but he doesn’t get that. Because of that I stopped paying attention to his speeches long ago. They are completely meaningless.

One thing’s for sure. He’s going to replace Carter as the one-term president who opens his trap when he should keep it shut. Maybe we can get him a lifetime membership at a golf club or something to keep him on the links and quiet, otherwise those of us in middle-age have the rest of our lives to look forward with him buzzing in our ears like an annoying gnat.

Bookworm Room: The speech was, as all of Obama’s speeches are, dull. It was a mixture of platitudes, blame, straw men, and unicorn and fairy promises. More interesting than the speech was the fact that his sycophants in the MSM found it disappointing. In conversation with a friend, I characterized their reaction as “rats leaving a sinking ship.” I do not believe that it was a coincidence that Obama’s “June surprise,” made the day after his speech collapsed like a lead balloon, was an executive order (probably unconstitutional) that unilaterally grants amnesty to a subset of illegal immigrants. My bet is that Obama would have liked to have waited this one out until closer to the election, but he couldn’t afford to do so when all he could see of his rat buddies was their butts and tails.

Joshuapundit: The president’s body language was extremely revealing. it was obvious he would rather have been anywhere else. I tend to brand this the nadir of Obama’s ‘Not Me’ campaign.

It’s obvious to me that never having had a serious job before where actual performance was demanded, President Obama is simply out of his depth. Of course, what he was actually revealing if you read between the lines is that not only isn’t anything his fault, but he’s incapable of actually fixing anything.But he wants four more years to try again anyway.

The Noisy Room: Aside from the fact that it was a rehash of his economic speech in April this year, it was just one lie after another. Par for the Obama course. The horror of it all is that Obama truly believes what he says – the private sector is fine, it’s the public sector that needs to keep growing in his Marxist utopian dream. As far as security leaks, it is definitely planned and deliberate and being used for political reasons. Since he doesn’t give a damn about the country, why not? And since he considers himself and his hacks above the law, he doesn’t fear any repercussions. Honestly, I cannot watch the Liar-in-Chief. It makes me physically ill. They twist everything so that up is down, right is wrong, white is black and evil is good. Obama is following the Cloward and Piven model and Alinsky’s advice with great precision and masterful technique. If we get to the next election, Romney should win in a landslide.


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2 thoughts on “This Week’s Watcher’s Forum Question: What Was Your Opinion Of Obama’s Economics Speech Last Week?

  1. Obama is still blaming the poor economy and loss of jobs on former President George W. Bush.

    Obama has had 3 1/2 years to build the economy, but he has failed.

    Obama does not know how to build a prosporous economy, even when he used over 5 Trillion dollars he could not bring America out of the dumps.

    Obama’s agenda is not, was not to build America into a prosporous nation..His agenda “IS” to destroy it. This is why our country is in the shape it is, today.

    He has hoodwinked a lot of people into believing that he doesn’t know how to build a fruitful economy. He talks like he wants to do something, only while he is destroying it as his pupetmaster George Soros has intended.

    Obama was only intended to be Soros’s patsy. He plays that role with ease.

    As for his speech last week, I heard only lies, heaped upon lies and excuses for HIS failures.

    Obama needs to go back to Kenya. I” chip in on that one!

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