Green Reveals Red Heart

John Bellamy Foster: `The transition to socialism and the transition to an ecological society are one’

The ecological revolution is a social revolution“…

Watch this and weep.

from mrzine on Vimeo.

Virtually all leading Greens are ‘watermelons”-Green on the outside-red in the middle.


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5 thoughts on “Green Reveals Red Heart

  1. I listened to the whole video – he raised some valid points but the solution he proposes is a giant state apparatus led by people who have a vanguardist approach running a country.

    He ignores history, he ignores reality, heck, he quotes Che even though his actions never matched up to what he said; he was a sadistic murderer, just like castro, stalin, pol pot, lenin and every other parasitic communist since year dot.

  2. Good stuff anon @ 1.20.
    Interesting parallels exist between what is happening now and what has happened in the past, we only need to look back at Hitlers Germany to see what happens when powerful groups seize power and reawaken the old primitive pagan ways.There is no reason to believe that things will work out any different this time around.Only problem this time is the WMDs are more frightening and in the hands of nations that will not hesitate to use them, whether this is overtly done or covertly done it will be a nightmare.
    To cap it all off the socialists will win at the end of the day because they will get rid of all the people they resent by sending them off to fight the war.
    The Hegellian wheel of history will start once more.

  3. for the record he calls himself an eco socialist, and if both red and green (greenleft or eco socialist are two common terms).

    there is also bluegreen, as in tory environmentalist.

    the tory greens here got .26% in a NZ election under the party 'the progressive green party'

    red greens are seen as eco socialists sometimes, and bluegreens as capitalists, or eco capitalists.

  4. I think Mikhail Gorbachev and his Green Cross International deserve a mention her also.He has some pretty heavy backers like ted turner robert redford and many others, yet, no-one in the MSM has made any mention of this intl organisation and what it is out to achieve, strange, don`t you think.
    Enviro-mentalism is exactly what it is, communism using surreptitious means.

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